Where eCommerce Sites Go Wrong With Product Descriptions

You have an arsenal of powerful products on your website, so why aren’t your sales through the roof? Have you had a look at your product descriptions well enough? When it comes to e-commerce websites, the product description is the packaging and we don’t need to elaborate on the importance of packaging.


How I Manage Twitter Activity With Only 20 Minutes a Day?

How I Manage Twitter Activity With Only 20 Minutes a Day?

Getting your social media schedule in order takes a lot of work. However, did you know that by spending 20 minutes a day is going to help you stay popular on one of the most demanding network, Twitter? The main question you may be asking right now is, “How?”

Being the only working head in business, it’s not realistic for me to do equally great on all social networks (even if I want and need it being a social media strategist). Twitter is wonderful even for personal use.. and twitter marketing is unavoidable for certain businesses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a great connect enough to enjoy with this roller coaster network. But I still had to keep myself visible and up-to-date on twitter. So I decided to do use simple time management strategies that helped me keep a decent popularity (and even business flow) on twitter. More

That One Direction – And I Wrote A Poem

That One Direction – And I Wrote A Poem

Thoughts are innocent!

They don’t know boundaries, no limits and they go wild and at times, they hardly have a direction. I let my instant thoughts weave a poem today. After ages, I penned down and I was surprised to feel that abnormal heartbeat when I was over with my thoughts.

For everyone around me I know (and even I don’t know), I love & I care for.

How did you find it? Would love to see your thoughts.

Stay Shining

4 Reasons Why I Loved Google Plus More… Than Facebook

Disclaimer: Favoring Google Plus doesn’t mean I’d quit Facebook or hate it. But I’d surely like to invest more time with Google Plus.

NOT because I am an Internet Marketer and blogger and it does help in getting focused traffic & search positions (It DOES)

Not even because it is Google’s property and Google is big. (least bothered)

But because I actually found it a better social media network.

What does Social Media mean? Why we are on these social networks?

To get social, obviously.

Just to get a little deeper; To have people Listen to us, Respond, Interact, Share their stories, ideas and feelings, Motivate us or give a energy kick when we’re feeling low.

I got a  lot of everything from all networks I am on but here are my 4 big reasons why I’d spend more time on Google Plus.