Focusing on some realistic goals in easier than sticking to some donts. I could never stick on multiple yearly resolutions whenever I tried in the past. So I am planting some new wishes and easy goals for 2014 while bidding a good bye to 2013.

It has been a beautiful year that has brought new wonderful people in my life, made me learn many lessons that I could never learn otherwise, and brought my hidden strengths and weaknesses into my attention.

Sunita Biddu 2013

A lot to share but to keep it short as my last and quick blogpost of 2013, I’d start with expressing gratitude to some people I can’t thank enough for coming and staying in my life.

My Mom

I hardly called her up, in fact might have avoided her calls most of the times, probably took her for granted that I can talk anytime later when I have TIME and presuming she is happy being with dad or her unlimited house chores. And she has been a MOTHER, waiting, excusing me for my silly excuses and ignorance.

And when I am recalling the whole year; mummy, you are the only ONE who have been with me, supporting me always with or without any words. I felt proud for being a great sister, friend and more always but I am sorry for being a bad daughter this year. Sending lots of love and salute to your unconditional love. I’d be a great daughter now and always.

My friends & friends’ friends

2013 was full of learning & knowing more of me and people around me. I am grateful to have people like Aashi (my best friend), Ceenu (a lovely young lady who is so very dear to me), Subhash (one who has been with me in business throughout all odd and outs), Sandeep (My brother), Jasmeet (My old & only friend who has been a huge help whenever I needed without asking a single question) & Praveen (an old friend and ex-employee who has been a well-wisher and available all the time). Thank you everybody for being there unconditionally.

FarmersOnly, G Business Club & Women Energizers

Recently, I wrote how FarmersOnly changed my attitude to networking and when I am moving into 2014, I would express my gratitude to these three wonderful platforms that brought amazing business partners, friends and some priceless business lessons to my assets.

Sending my love, gratitude and wishes for a fruitful year to Paritosh Pathak, Ron Mcluckie, Saloni Singh, Sangeeta Mahajan, Richa Pathak, Sandhya, Nidhi, Tony & Anuja, Abhijit Roy, Vikas Rajput, Viraj Bansal, Ankur & Sarita, Saket bansal, Dr. Amit, Preeti Subberwal and more.. I would focus on making our relationships even more fruitful & lasting in 2014.

Fortunately, 2013 gifted me with my long lost friend Shalini Rajani and a smart helping hand in my business as Gunjan Bansal while bidding me a good bye.

And lastly, thanks to my domestic help Poonam who made my life easier in Gurgaon. She has been taking care of everything at home while I was all focused to fix and figure out things at my professional front

My Goals for 2014

1. Be a Better Human.
2. Spend Sundays ONLY with family
3. Take social media fast on 1 day (preferably Monday) every week
4. Launch 2 eBooks
5. Be punctual to meetings & arrive 10 minutes ahead of time
6. Work only 5 hours a day. WORK ONLY
7. Dedicate 2 hours a week on Salsa & Yoga
8. Revive Content Axis, my first company, to top 5 copywriting agencies again.
9. Build a crazy team of 9.
10. Be a Google+ Influencer

I will update this post with the lessons I learned in 2013 in coming week. Those are the learnings of life and would sure help many entrepreneurs.

Closing the post with some of the moments in 2013.

Wish you all a very very happy new year full of treasures, pleasant surprises and joys.