Disclaimer: Favoring Google Plus doesn’t mean I’d quit Facebook or hate it. But I’d surely like to invest more time with Google Plus.

NOT because I am an Internet Marketer and blogger and it does help in getting focused traffic & search positions (It DOES)

Not even because it is Google’s property and Google is big. (least bothered)

But because I actually found it a better social media network.

What does Social Media mean? Why we are on these social networks?

To get social, obviously.

Just to get a little deeper; To have people Listen to us, Respond, Interact, Share their stories, ideas and feelings, Motivate us or give a energy kick when we’re feeling low.

I got a  lot of everything from all networks I am on but here are my 4 big reasons why I’d spend more time on Google Plus.

1. Obligation Free Friendships & Connections

People add you to their circles when they like you, what you do, what you share and how you are helping others. And yet without any obligation to have them in your circles. I really loved this space. I have found a similar “follow” feature in Facebook but Google measures your credibility with how many people add you to their circles instead of how many friends you have.

Most interestingly, with every one good thought you share on Google+, you may have 3-4 people add you to their circles. What an amazing response.

2. Super Active Communities

I might be biased being a blogger but I have received more love in Google communities for my personal as well as professional expressions on blog. People share their open feedback and that’s what make us do better next time. The discussions on Google Plus are 10 times more relevant and focused. From deeper conversations, I have enjoyed those intelligent comments that prompt more thoughts pouring in.

3. Hangouts On Air – Value Flying All Around

Seriously! You search what you want to know and you’d find interesting hangouts on air you can join in. Learn, make friends, network and grow. How real and effective it is.

4. Clean. Clutter-free

At least for now. Though I mentally ignore the ads side when I am not interested, I love how Google plus allows you view your timeline the way you want it. One column, two column or three coloumn.. Make it the way you want. I like one column as I find it distraction free.

To add on quick; no spam games invitations. I find it more controlled and personal.

It needs patience, contribution, consistency and quality. The real you gets the real value out of any Social media network. Google Plus would magnify the that value 🙂

And… To my business and bloggers’ friends, you’d love the traffic from Google Plus.

I personally love Google Plus for its “I didn’t have to find people. They found me”

No more advocacy 😀 here is an interesting video you’d enjoy

How do I manage to handle multiple social networks

Because I am a superwoman. Seriously No. Like everybody else, I find it annoying to find special time and stay active on all channels. Rather, I want to enjoy being on these networks; be it Google+ or Facebook. So I prefer taking 5 minutes breaks and participate in discussions or read a story.

For now, if you haven’t really tried Google+ yet, I would encourage you to use it for at least a month spending 10-15 minutes a day. You may actually start liking and realizing the the power of this channel. Any questions or roadblocks, shoot your problem here or join this community.

And join me too >> I am HERE. I have a page which I am yet to play more with.

And if you are using it already, what do you like or dislike about Google+?