Somehow for some unknown reason, I am happy today. In a very good mood And when I tried to spot the reason of this glowing mood, I found my late evening the good one.

It was Deepika’s wedding today. Loved to see the girl in heavy wedding dress and actually make-up for the first time. She was looking adorable and… different. Probably, Her Big Day glow made her look so great.

And what made me happier is… the Content Axians making a loud presence. I just loved to see so many people attending her wedding. I could see the joy on her face and twinkles in eyes when she saw her old and new colleagues. Even if she doesn’t join us again for any family or other reasons, I was glad to sense a unity and unspoken bond between all guys and girls. My bad, I didn’t have my camera today… But… Proud of my staff and bless their friendships.

God bless the couple with all the happiness and love… Wish they get a pleasant married life