Search engines are getting harder with their algorithm promising the best search engine results to their users and Google is an unquestionable leader when it comes to changing algos and countless ranking factors with latest Mayday and Farmer/Panda hits. This has led webmasters share their attention to Yahoo and Bing SEO as well. It was a good time to share some of my thoughts on the link building methods that are going to work in 2011.I’d like to give the credit of topic to SEObook forum where an aggressive discussion is going on among SEO experts. Just to make a note, the methods are followed by the success and results we have experienced recently.

Methods that are going to work great

  1. Guest blog post on reputed blogs – This method is working just perfect to bring the attention of your audience and search engines equally. You can either request reputed blog owners to write post for you (for a free) with a link or 2 pointing to your website or ask them to do for a fee. There are many SEO agencies who can handle this for a nominal fee.
  2. Custom article marketing – I’ll rather advocate writing one great piece of information and publishing it to one of the winners of latest Google updates (buzzle, idea marketers, wikihow etc.) and share it on social media (Facebook, twitter, friends etc.) Remember, I’ll not publish this article elsewhere so it stays unique and gives full value and link juice.
  3. Maintained web 2.0 link wheel – The effectiveness of link wheels is debatable but I’d like to stress the word “maintained” here. Expect nothing from these web 2.0 link wheels if you’re just creating some filler content pages and leaving them stuffing with your links.

Link wheels can give real value over an elegant time frame if they are maintained regularly with good content (fruitful for readers) and shared among your friends and network. Placing one or two links randomly should help instead of creating such pages solely for links. Bet, you would get the results.

Methods that working average

  1. Multiple article directory submission – This method has lost its value somehow, but still working average for some affiliate sites promotion. Though you can get the most out of this method if sort a filtered list of the best possible article directories.
  2. General contextual blog posting – This method is working fair as long as the blog post are coming from unique IPs and some decent blogs instead of content farms.

Make sure the blogs are fairly promoted and gets unique content (at least textually)

  1. Press releases – This method used to be one of the highest quality methods but lost its value lately. Though, some of the paid distribution portals still maintaining their authority like PR news wire, etc.
  2. High end directory listings and niche directories – Directories like,, Yahoo directory, super pages etc. together with theme niche directories are doing well. Most of them are paid but give good returns on investment.

Methods that are not working

  1. Mass directory submission – Until and unless there are specific niches like weight loss, credit cards etc. directory submission has become a zero result method. With no to minimum approvals, increasing number of spam directories at duplicate IPs, and most of them being penalized by Google recently. Directory submission method left with no value.
  2. Profiles – The most hyped method, the Angela and Paul links method is gone because of no to bad results.
  3. Social bookmarking method – Except few sites like digg, spinn, reddit, mixx etc., social bookmarking is of no value.

Experience-driven Tips for 2011 SEO

1. It’s not just about lot of content anymore, but “WOW and worth reading” content now. Prefer keeping a decent amount of fresh and conceptually unique content coming to your website, instead of adding lot of copyscape passed textually unique content. Tempt your audience, get yourself liked and Google will be in loop itself.

2. Cover as many keywords as possible, instead of chasing only 2-3 and building links for them. Add possible random keywords like know more, visit site, and more to stay natural in your campaigns. Not to worry, your links will still to go your website url and will be good for a link building campaign.

3. Avoid blogrolls and nude text links. These are prone to be picked up by Google as paid links. Prefer in-content links.

4. Work out a good on-site optimization check up before you proceed with off-site link building. Double check the H tags, SEO oriented as well as reader oriented web copies, alt tags and seo friendly coding to ensure your link building campaign.

5. Get social media into your marketing campaign. Facebook, twitter, and video marketing is complementing link building campaigns maximizing the results by 80%. (I’m going to discuss why facebook Likes are getting important for future SEO in my coming posts)