Well being an entrepreneur, I always try to learn from failures and lower down the risk keeping my earlier mistakes in mind. After getting a decent success in SEO business, I thought of messing up with Website Design service zone. And I was almost slapped with multiple failures (I’m not worried but motivated)
Let me share how did I realize these failures
CrazyEgg Analysis – The heatmap gave a clear idea that my audience isn’t even sniffing what I though would be loved. There was quick exits and high bounce rate. Couple of clicks at most wanted pages like portfolio, design process. I knew that not something but many things seem to be fixed again.
Adroll campaign – I received thousands of impressions the day I launched the campaign. What amazed me is thousands of impressions but only handfull of clicks. It means the banner ads were not compelling. Gotta change them.
Second, the impressions as well as clicks were further reduced over time making me a clear hint that people who clicked once didn’t want to click again.
My to do – Change the banner ad completely to GET people click again. Change the landing page design with a better value proposition, clear focus and minimalistic looks.
Only 6 inquiries in 3 weeks – This wasn’t something pleasant really. I’m in the mid of conceptualizing a new design as I’m writing this post.
My weak points that will last until I succeed
Lack of testimonials – It’s unrealistic to show off happy testimonials for a newly launched business. I’d rather wait and add some real ones (I have a couple of them now).
My to do – Make a crazy lowcost review offer to existing customers and gain at least 7 happy testimonials before ipdating the prices.
Not so happening portfolio – Being a new launch, we didn’t have hundreds of designs to present as samples. This made our prospects doubt our capabilities.
My to do – I’m already paying my inhouse team of coders and desiners with or without getting business. Why not to get them design and develop some cool sites and applications with demo access for sampling purpose only. Should work.
Top Search Ranks – Being an SEOer, I advise my customers to go slow, steady and natural for marketing campaigns, how would I like to risk my own website with an aggressive link buildin and SEO campaign. But there’s a way.
My to do – Get some reputed bloggers review the website and service so the brand gets known around. I’m working on social media already to enhance the brand visibility.
By now, you miht be tempted to see my not-so-great-looking website design business site. Go, have a look – http://www.SERPholiC.co.uk/
This will come with a new face in next 2 weeks and I hope to share a success story in a month
I’ve already garbbed your good wishes, thank you