Professional SEO Consultation

You may have several questions and concerns about online marketing before you hand over your website promotions to an SEO consultant. Initiate a phone call or ask for a meeting in person and be prepared to experience the most simplified understanding of SEO & digital marketing.

Doesn’t matter if you wish to have only a basic idea of how SEO can help your business or you are curious why your competitors are outranking, and even what’s wrong with your best looking website, bring it on. I’d love to answer all your questions.

On a phone consultation, I’d take an idea of your business and goals and what it will take to achieve that. It may need an SEO training, your website SEO audit or an SEO campaign. It all begins with a small chat.

The consultation opens the ways to multiple solutions and you can pick and choose what suits your goals and investment the best. The cost of consultation starts from USD150 and involves

  • Your website analysis
  • Site weakness that are hampering conversions along with possible solutions and recommendations
  • New ideas to improve site traffic, reputation, and ranking

Being an entrepreneur & Internet Marketing strategist myself, I understand the value of trust, time and money you invest in someone. I believe in guiding my prospects with the right directions and knowledge. I make sure that we both have realistic expectations before any money is invested. That’s the charm of SEO consulting before you make a good decision.

I’d be glad to help you if you’re looking for an SEO consultant with strong business ethics yet personal approach to taking your business to the next level.

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