How about a casual meeting without killing your pockets where I will share some interesting and potential business insights about your visibility online, reputation, branding, social media or anything you’re curious or facing a challenge about.

A Coffee May Worth Millions.. You never know 🙂

My ideas are mostly powerful, proven & bound to WORK.

Why Am I Doing This?

My usual consultancy fee starts at $150 per hour (nearly Rs. 8000). One fine evening, I thought of adding a little spice to my working life where I can spend time knowing people on meals, snacks or a coffee, hear their online business challenges, discuss potential ideas and way-outs and share my advise and yet make enough to get my chocolates for the month.

That’s how, I planned this business date where you pay only Rs. 2000 for this casual consult and sponsor the date (How cheezy! But that’s okay for the time we’re going to spend together :D)

This is what you can expect from the “Date”

  • Answer to your 3 specific pain points in online business strategy
  • Passionate & Powerful Ideas to Boost Your Online Reputation
  • Easy to implement method to improve your website & search engine ranking
  • A great talk (for sure) over coffee or meals
  • Great food (You sponsored it. Thank you)

We would not let “these” spoil our business date

  • No private interests & boring chit chat
  • Generic open ended questions like “how to get my site on#1 in Google”
  • Complete marketing strategy and documentation (It takes weeks. Seriously)
  • Live Training (Let the workshops handle that job)
  • Post date consultancy (I’d love to help you anytime on call. And anything that needs my good hours, will go paid)


I’d plan one such date every month and will choose with mutual availability of time and agreements to the topic of discussion.

Feeling interested? Wanna give a try? Send an interest filling up this form and someone on my behalf would get back to you about pre-payment when your interest is accepted.

I am (name)

I’d like to discuss about (SEO, Social Media, Website Design, Content, Blogging, Managing SEO/Social Team)

My website or social media page is

My biggest challenge is

The level of challenge is urgent/can wait for 1 month/can prefer professional consult at regular fee (Rs. 8000)

What I really liked in you (Sunita Giggles***)

My favorite food is

Would be great to hear positive about date on (email)

You can call me at (phone number)

Sunita, you’re out of my reach in person. Can we settle this business date online?

Sure. Considering you’re not joining me on coffee, let me compensate it with a half an hour extra consult where I’d love to help get maximum out of this date.

When I share an interest, is it sure I’d get a call.

I’d have only one such consult every month, until and unless there is an urgent need I see. Looking at your questions and challenge, you may receive a call for next month schedule.