Getting your social media schedule in order takes a lot of work. However, did you know that by spending 20 minutes a day is going to help you stay popular on one of the most demanding network, Twitter? The main question you may be asking right now is, “How?”

Being the only working head in business, it’s not realistic for me to do equally great on all social networks (even if I want and need it being a social media strategist). Twitter is wonderful even for personal use.. and twitter marketing is unavoidable for certain businesses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a great connect enough to enjoy with this roller coaster network. But I still had to keep myself visible and up-to-date on twitter. So I decided to do use simple time management strategies that helped me keep a decent popularity (and even business flow) on twitter.

It is not hard to get the ball rolling if you’ve these things in place:

  1. The Plan
  2. Sticking to schedule no matter what
  3. Weekend Review

Presuming you have a twitter marketing strategy and goals in place, here is what I did how to use twitter for marketing and personal network growth by spending only twenty minutes a day:

1. Retweeting (3 Minutes)

Your retweets reflects your personality. If you actually read them, had an opinion and retweeted to your audience with a clear purpose of making them read too.

Scan your twitter stream and anything that grabs your attention, retweet it.  There could be some interesting blog titles that may be helpful to you as well as others, just favourite them for a later read.

I have kept rewteeting on top for 3 simple yet reasons

  1. Great way to help the blogs you liked. Contribute to their success
  2. To make people know you care
  3. You get more followers

2. Follow Back (2 Minutes)

Have people following you? If they are similar to your niche, follow them back! You will be able to get some insight and fresh ideas from others to use twitter for business. If you’re using twitter with a very focused approach, it’s better to connect with industry people in general.

Twitter Marketing Tip: Adding a direct message with a subtle pitch and asking for their business whereabouts makes a better connection.

3. Use Hashtags and Connect With New People (10 Minutes)

Take time and research hashtags that are related to your industry. For example, I’d often search #SEO, #socialmedia #contentmarketing and see what’s hot and fresh around.  This will allow you;

  • To be noticed when you share your comments and opinions, and retweet.
  • To connect with new people and follow them for more interactions
  • To stay up-to-date with latest happenings in your industry
  • To improve your authority and Klout score

You can also quickly browse through the suggested accounts in left bar and search for popular people you can follow. You have to be able to follow people to gain followers. You have to make sure that you are following those who are going to benefit you and add more authority and quality to your network. This is going to take most of your time because you want to be able to get the best of the best and not some fake account.

4. Reply to Direct Messages (2 Minutes)

If you are getting people who are asking you questions, send them a quick reply showing them that you do actually care about their question/suggestion.

Tip: As you get active and regular, you may get into some conversations and interactions. Enjoy replying them to make tweeting fun.

5. Share Your Posts (1 Minutes)

If you have a blog, share your post links so your twitter followers can see your expertise and business interest. Not only are you helping them see your content, you are helping your SEO!

You may not have a blog link everyday, share a witty thought related to your industry or use this time in responding to an interesting tweet. People like to see personal posts and response because it makes you seem more real. With the many fake Twitter accounts out there, it is good to see some normalcy.

6. Look For Related Content (2 Minutes)

Know of an article that is going to help your niche? Find it and share it with others to be able to see how many retweets, replies or followers you’re going to gain from it.

Tip: This would also give you an insight what people like and you can use the data to think of your future posts and topics for your blog.

There you have it! Only 20 minutes a day and you are going to be able to have success with Twitter. Many of us tend to forget the simplicity of social media and try to make it seem like it is more complicated than it is supposed to be. There is a system that needs to be followed if you are going to make it in the Twitter world (and other social networks too) and you have to be able to focus on getting the right things done at the right time.

  • Some quick handy nuggets for even easier tweeting experience
  • Tweet using your phone when you are travelling. It’s really constructive.
  • Use scheduling with tools like hootsuite. It’s a life saver.
  • Don’t respond when you’re not very confident about being witty in your response.
  • Be first in response to good tweets. You get noticed and remembered.

This is now a time for businesses to climb on twitter. With the many social media outlets, it is going to be a challenge to maintain Twitter popularity. You do this by first managing your time!

If you liked this post and could implement this 20 minutes strategy, it’d be great to see your feedback and share with your friends on the networks you love.

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