I am a firm believer of proofs and evidences. And I couldn’t believe in Vastu until I experienced it myself.

Yesterday was kinda blue day and I wasn’t feeling in my best of the moods. So thought of changing my room settings.

I did what I felt best with changing bed’s position, dressing table, study area etc. The room was looking fresh, spacious and… awesome.

I thought of taking some rest after lunch and to my wonders I couldn’t sleep at all (I tried from 2 pm to 5:45 pm.. shucks) and then I had to get up with an awesome headache finally. I was clueless by that time.
Went to market, shopped this and that, came home and watched a movie. By 1:30 or so, I tried to sleep again but it was nowhere even if I was feeling tired and sleepy.
Well, went through a bad night, had a light sleep around 4 am and got up at 6 am. I just thought of searching online about vastu and found “Vastu allows every direction for sleeping except north. You shouldn’t sleep with head in the North

as it causes sleeplessness, fear and major illness. Wow, I changed it to North last day. I couldn’t believe if I already haven’t experienced it.
I wouldn’t ask anybody believe but do try Vastu for bedroom. See if it makes a difference. Bedroom deserves to be a peaceful place, at least for me…
I’d share some tips in a while today. Till then, I’d love to see your thoughts, expriences or comments. Feel free to share.