This would be the last blogpost of 2011 when I want to bid a good bye to 2011 and thank everybody for being with me in all good and bad times. I want to thank God for blessing me with a wonderful 2011, most of my dreams came true and kept me patient enough to wait for even brighter future. I want to thank my parents and my family for being a great support always.

Just before 2012 begins, I’m thinking of recapping a few things from 2011 that made this year special.

Okay… I can’t recall here to write some.. or may be there were too many to recap a few. But I read a lot of books, stories, met many people, faced many downs in business, and got many ups, couple of new experiences in business, learned to be more patient personally, more forgiving and gained decent weight.

I look forward to be a better daughter, a proud sister, a better boss, a better friend in 2012.

No serious and multiple resolutions this time.. Just 2 little ones after my very first priority of keeping my family happy

First, to get a home of my dream

Second, to make and see each and every one of my staff members happy.

And now, good bye 2011.. welcome 2012

God bless everybody