Starting a business blog, especially for businesses whose main goal isn’t blogging for income, may seem at first to be a misnomer.

Surely it’ll take up too much professional time for no net gain? Well… Not so fast. Trends have changed a lot over the past few years, so is the people psychology and behavior online.

Here are some key benefits to start business blogging along with quick blogging tips or pay attention if you had one and yet idle.

1. Gives your employees a voice

With static web sites and automated calling systems, it can be difficult for customers to see the human side of a business. A business blog written by the staff can help to humanize the team.

A well maintained corporate blog can help make prospective customers who are on the fence give the company a try because they liked what they read. And even if you’re a one-person army, taking out few minutes every week/month to share your experience and business stories with the world can make a huge difference. It’s great to be the voice of your brand and… show it.

And with the extreme case, you can even outsource your business blogging to realize how it can add more value to your current reputation and revenues.

Here is an example from 91springboard how one of the team members have expressed their views on their blog.

blogging for business example

Share your views. .. Being the Voice of your brand

2. A Business blog is a marketing vehicle

A business blog sits above your business, doing an effective job of marketing the goods and/or services on offer without any of the tricky hard-sell.

Using your own blog for announcements and achievements can have more impact as compared to a press release.

Here is an example how Bizdivas team has used their blog for announcing their upcoming mentoring walk.

business blogging example announcement

BizDivas team using blog for announcement

3. Features customer success stories

Show how customers are benefiting from what you have to offer. Add images and video to bring their stories fully to life if possible and available. Numbers of such case studies and success stories wouldn’t make a difference, the success and transparency will. Get, set and show.

Here is how Shopify using their blog to share their million dollar customer case study. Wouldn’t this win them even more happy customers?

blogging for business

Shopify uses blog for sharing their case study

How about sharing your business blog in comments and let people see and even share their feedback.

I’d love to help whenever you need in setting up a good blog for your business anytime and guide you or your team on how to blog effectively.