Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Breadcrumbs Navigation

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Breadcrumbs Navigation

How great that would be when every new visitor finds your website unexpectedly easy to explore and navigate? Breadcrumb navigation does that job to help your audience with your site structure.

Apart from encouraging people to examine the content of your website in detail in their quest for the targeted information and pages, they reduce the bounce rate* of the site.

Because of being compact, breadcrumbs navigation do not overwhelm users who don’t use them and are completely optional. For those who want to use them, however, they allow for a quick scan through the content of a website at a much faster rate.

Although they have a range of advantages for users, breadcrumbs are also important for SEO. They use a logical and natural way to pass on context to and indicate how one page relates to another. This increase the overall stay duration of a visitor and since search engines count this as one of the ranking factors, it ensures higher search results.

The internal linking structure of your website also benefits from the use of breadcrumbs. When you pair them with contextual linking to other similar pages, it results in additional benefits for on-site SEO.

Breadcrumbs facilitate schemas. Schemas allow the main search engines’ robots to comprehend what they are looking at. This in turn makes additional functionality, like the breadcrumbs display in search engine results, available. Woorank has produced an amazing resource for best breadcrumb practices.

There isn’t a reason you shouldn’t use breadcrumbs with all the benefits they bring to users.

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