Cold Marketing – Almost Perect Tool To KILL Your Reputation

Cold Marketing – Almost Perect Tool To KILL Your Reputation

My statement has dozens of live proofs and spam exposures online when people (prospective customers) are bugged with spam emails offering various services and products from so-called business developers using their unofficial gmail ids. Some of them intentionally do not write their company name either. Why?

They know it gonna bug you, bug 99% of the people and MAY convert 1% of their target. But is it worth making 99% of your prospective clients run away? same goes with cold calling. Most of the callers hired by companies have strong command on English but unfortunately, not on subject. They can’t even answer some of the tricky questions if the client is in good mood of playing after being disturbed at mid of something important.

Well, I don’t think it’s worth trying cold marketing until and unless you have got a certain list of only INTERESTED people for your services.

Another unfortunate fact is – most of the cold emails and calls are being done for selling web services like SEO, web design etc. from Asian countries that’s making US and UK people even more wary about these countries, getting in loop, the good ones as well. Very sad.

It costs around $500-1000 per month for cold marketing campaign that gives perfect results of repelling your good market away keeping only tiny achieved target. However, if the same budget is applied to REAL SEO, active and healthy marketing methods, probably Google and other search engines will send genuinely interested traffic to your site.

Specially, an SEO company must go for active online marketing first. If they do not have the decent ranking results for their own company, it’s like a maid living in a dirty home herself.

Get up guys, go and market better, the better way

P.S: This is not a RANT :p but a quick thought of writing a quick post on this subject when I found another pile of such cold emails.
See ya soon


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