FaceBook Turning Into An Ultimate Brand Booster for Business

FaceBook Turning Into An Ultimate Brand Booster for Business

The Magic Touch of Websites

Life nowadays is full of technological advancement and it is very difficult for a business to survive without a business website. Business tends to lose large number of its potential customers without it. Modern consumers prefer to surf the Internet to look for the desired products or services. Advertising plays a very significant role in attracting customers to buy one’s products, thus enhancing one’s business.

A business website has now become the source of generating more income to any other medium of advertising because of its 24-hour operation. Having a website today is like having a record of one’s company in the yellow pages back then. Newsletters can also be sent to customers who have signed up in the website to receive regular updates regarding new products and promos.

Social Networking Evolution

The first social site from 1997 to 2001 was SixDegrees.com. It was followed by Friendster in 2002. Then, a year later, MySpace came into existence. It became extremely popular and its parent company was acquired by News Corporation two years after MySpace was launched. In 2004, Facebook came out targeting college students but when it is released to everyone, it developed swiftly to become the top social site. Twitter was launched, two years later.

This only proves that no man is an island. People love to interact as a part of their daily routine.

[tweetherder]Close to a billion photos are uploaded on Facebook each month! Many of these pictures are conceptualized exclusively for Facebook.[/tweetherder]

Facebook as a Business Medium

Facebook is very powerful but some don’t yet realize its supremacy and maximum potential. When it comes to business, it’s like a goldmine. Almost every individual has an active profile on Facebook and this is the main key for internet marketers. One can achieve the targeted traffic that transforms better and provide maximum profits and revenues. The manifesto should be to make the public aware about a certain business and service and make them interested through the advertising method.

Facebook social ads are no different than those regular advertisements on search engines. A pay-per click system can be selected because there are millions of existing members. A businessman can target the desired group of customers or market. Advertisement tool is highly optimized. He can also expect better Return on Investment (ROI) from his social ads campaign.

[tweetherder]More than 30 million profiles have their status messages updated at least once every day.[/tweetherder]

Strike While the Iron is Hot

There is no question about Facebook craze. A person is not “in” if he has no FB account. We used to ask new acquaintances for phone numbers and email addresses, nowadays, the additional information asked is, “Do you have a Facebook account?”

Profile page can provide links to one website to another. There are also tools for attracting people to join a page or groups that can be used to generate traffic towards one’s website. With this trend on Facebook, businesses can be ensured of maximum daily promotion.

Facebook has coined the term” “Social Design” as a new method in solving problems. This is a very good influential marketing tactic and businessmen need to capitalize on it. A commercial industry can create fan pages, use networks, and develop groups or followers for the business. This involves less advertising budget compared to regular fees charged by website developers.

Turn Social Connections into Loyal Customers

Facebook page is an unlimited place for everyone to build up his professional brand. Through Facebook, people can become a fan of the business and become regular customers in the long run. Be clever enough to make the most out of it in a simple and easy way.

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