How to Get Indented Results/Rankings in Google ?

How to Get Indented Results/Rankings in Google ?

Have you ever searched for keywords on the search engines and found a website with more than one of its pages ranked on Google? This phenomenon is known as indented rankings. SEO experts and bigwigs have tried explaining it; some have even gone to the lengths of proving that those pages don’t merit those positions. But the reality is that they are there and there’s little or nothing that you can do about it.

So, if you have achieved high search engine rankings and would like to even get more of your web pages on the same page that you are currently on, then this is the article you should read. If on the other hand, you haven’t started getting high rankings or even gotten some of your web pages indexed however, there are a few things that you can do to get the benefit of having more than one page from your website appearing on the same page in the search engines.

Getting indented results on the search engines isn’t as difficult as you might think it is.

So, Why Do You Need Indented Results and Rankings on Google?

Drastically Improves Clickthrough Rates

As you probably know, having multiple listings of your website on the search engines will help you corner many of the cherished clicks to your website. A website with one listing is likely to get a specified number of clicks. But when it’s listed twice on the same page, it is safe to assume that it will even get more clickthrough rates.

Lends Credibility and Trust

Most times, just visitors tend to trust websites with more than one listing on the same page. To them, it portrays relevance, trust, credibility and authority. Besides, when people are scanning through search engine listings, a website with two or more listings tends to grab their attention more.

So, if you would like to produce the same results, here is how to go about getting those cherished spots:

1. Add More Content to Your Website

If your website is already indexed and ranking high on the search engines, having more content with the exact targeted keywords and other related keywords can get you the indented results on the search engines. As you may have noticed, most web pages with indented results tend to have a lot of web pages on the domain and lots of content on the website. So, if your website is sparsely populated with content, start filling it up with content optimized for related keywords. The more content you have, the higher your chances of securing multiple listings.

2. Internal Linking Using Anchor Texts

When you create the pages, remember that they shouldn’t be just standalone pages. Start creating anchor texts and link to other deeper pages on the website. This way, when the search engines pull up your website listings, not only will it pull up the most relevant page, it will list all content related to the keyword it was listed for. So, start linking to deeper pages on your website.

3. Good On-Page Optimization

If the on-page optimization on your website isn’t good enough, chances are that you will not even rank for any keywords let alone get double listings. So, do the on-page optimization. Optimize the header and title tags, design the website so that all pages can be easily indexed and accessed by the search engine bots, set up your internal linking structure so that all pages are internally connected to each other so that spiders will crawl each page and high PR pages will lend more link juice to low PR pages. A good SEO company will take all of these into consideration when designing and assessing your website. Not just that, they’ll also ensure that your internal linking structure is comprehensive and meets Google’s standard.

4. Link Building

It is important for you to do all of the above before this step as they are the foundation of your website ever getting ranked highly. Without it, doing this would just be a waste of time. Link building is a very critical step as it helps give your website more leverage, ranking power and indexing ability. You should start building back links and one way links to the website and its web pages. It is not sufficient to target just the home page. You should also build back links to all internal and deeper pages. An SEO firm will do this by using many methods. Some of these methods include:

Video Marketing

Videos seem to have higher authority with google these days. Videos from youtube in particular are given more leeway because google is putting a lot of emphasis on them. Not just that, most people would rather watch a video than read long, boring texts. Since video portals and websites are high authority websites, building backlinks to your website from there will result in increased search engine rankings. Not just that, with your website listed on the search engines, your videos could also have high SE rankings resulting in indented rankings on google. Most SEO companies do this by optimizing the keywords on your video channels, tagging the videos properly and encouraging viewers to take action after watching the video.

Blog Commenting and Contextual Blog Posting

Simply commenting on blogs related to your website and leaving your links behind will give you more edge. Blog commenting is a big factor in getting those indented results as search engines generally assume that your website must be a high quality site when your links are all over the “webosphere”.

Picture/Image Optimization

Since google is more concerned with universal search, images are equally important in getting indented results on the SERPs. Optimizing related images on your blogs and website will definitely get you higher rankings. So, instead of tagging your images with just mere words, tag them with the keywords you want to rank for.

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 Twitter and Facebook Marketing

Google is very big on real time updates on particular events and topics. The best platforms to get these from are twitter and Facebook. Consistently updating your content and tweeting and “facebooking” them will provide your website’s home page and deeper pages with a lot of link juice thus increasing your chances of getting multiple listings.

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These are just the few steps you need to be able to achieve indented results on Google. Doing all these can be pretty tough and time consuming. If you are at a loss for time, you van easily get expert SEO companies to handle all of these at reasonable rates thus freeing up your time for the more important stuff.

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