Importance Of Anchor Text Diversity In Improving & Recovering Lost Rankings

Importance Of Anchor Text Diversity In Improving & Recovering Lost Rankings

SEO industry comes with assumptions and only a few of them are provable in real time results. From acquiring links (buy, borrow, steal) from niche relevant sites to throwing bizarre link baits with a hope to get possible links from every nook and corner; the value of a solid link profile in terms of quality and quality is known to every SEO practitioner.

But there are some solid set of SEO rules working equally right for all major search engines. One such rule is anchor text diversity and how it can dramatically improve your SERPs, keep you safe from anchor text penalties and attract natural link acquisition.

Just to make it clearer, anchor text diversity comes with many modifiers attached to your target keywords. For example a good anchor text diversity for “car insurance” from can be

  1. Cheap car insurance
  2. Best car insurance
  3. Your Brand + car Insurance
  4. Your Brand
  6. Car Insurance at

This approach will picture your website with a natural marketing in all search engines without raising any flags of aggressive promotions or putting anchor filters. A couple thousand links with the same anchor text may alert the search engines (especially Google) and give you serious anchor text penalties. 999 filter or page 5 filter is common for anchor text spamming. This is what you call a nasty surprise one fine morning. Things get worse if it the anchor is aligned innocently with the beginning of your page Meta title.

So, give your anchor texts a little more diversity even if you had to make some non-sense text and links (your brand makes sense I am sure).

Let me add an example. If the website is dropped in SERPs, when you know you were not practicing anchor text diversity, you were taking whitehat link building approach, then these steps are worth doing and there are 90% chances the site should pop back up where it deserves to be.

  • Change your page title. Prefer the exact anchor placing at the end of page title.
  • Optimize your page content. Add more wordcount, make sure your content is unique and not scrapped by someone, and add keyword diversity.
  • Use anchor text diversity in new content pages and links you’re building. Even if you throw a few hundred garbage links with anchor modifiers, it should bring a good change as my experiments say.

To complement the anchor text rule of SEO, there are few facts I must cover and they are equally (and more) important for search engine rankings.

Pages rank because of the inbound link popularity. You remove few links or add some to the profile, rankings change. Anchor text can be a partial reason of drop in rankings but backlinks are the most important factors.

Number of links count. Even if they’re coming from very low pagerank pages, non-relevant sites (directories and weblogs etc.), they do count if you take care of the anchor texts usage. There are many tests we conducted and the rankings seem to change because of the numeric factor. What may make a difference are niche competition and few on-page factors. But remember, every link passes some scoring and the impact intensifies with the quality of other links.

So the moral of story is – Practice good anchor text dilution keeping in mind that great websites tend to attract links naturally. Time, Trusted links, good neighborhood and a strong marketing strategy is the key to make your website one of the top online properties.

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