Importance, need & limitation of backlinks for Your Business Website

importance of backlinks

Backlinks still make 3rd most important ranking factor to secure a higher ranking within Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. However, the state of backlinks has changed recently with several algorithm updates and so their value has been altered accordingly.

Here are a few points that explains the need, importance and limitation of backlinks now and in future of SEO.

The Importance

1. A website cannot rank with ignoring backlinks at all. Even if it is sitting and ranking on the power of social media and content, it’s still the social backlinking that’s working for the ranking, indirectly. It is just the quality and the relevance of the backlinks that has become more important.

2. The source of a backlink is far more important than the number of links now. Focusing on link distribution by gaining quality links from a variety of sources would help rather that too many links originating from a single top-level domain. The root domains count.

3. Social media is far more important than ever now. Social linking indicates real people who are voting about content and levels of interest. Google and other search engines are paying attention to this “voting with their feet” and rankings are reflecting this now. As per 2013 ranking correlation data, number of +1s from Google+ and number of Facebook shares make top 2 ranking factors.

seo and backlinks

The need

4. Content is what attracts links as well as linkers. It can be text, video, pictures, presentation, tools and a lot more. Anything that can add value to the reader as well as their readers and audience if they want to share.

For example, Slideshare presentations encourage bloggers to add them to their site and link back to your site. Pinterest pins that generate interest and get repinned frequently, eventually leading to sales and branding.

5. Keep links honest & natural. If a site or brand is primarily focusing on customer experience and satisfaction with an active marketing campaign, then this will naturally create a steady stream of positive comments, even criticism and feedback as well as inbound links with natural shares. There is no need to force anything.

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The limitation (or Call it Expansion)

6. Since Google has started to understand the searcher’s intention behind their search, the importance of backlinks is being dominated by their frequency of search and real people’s voting and favor behind certain popular web pages which are trusted more than others.

Simply put, sites recently visited and ones that friends visited around the same subject matter are more likely to appear on the first page which creates a truly customised search result far less connected to backlinks than in the past.

Search engines don’t care whether the backlink is coming from social site or a specific business brand site or a blog, it’s just another site backlinking to the site in question. What counts is the authority, quality and relevancy of the site.

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