Personal Branding & Business Coaching

You will relate to one of the scenarios. You’ve been around for a while, know the industry, confident about what you do or You are starting out, making sure that you take the right and result-driven steps from day 1 without losing time in hit and trials. Now, you’re standing at a turning point that can lead you to the next level of your business or your position in the industry at large.

Imagine for a moment

When your audience and prospects start hearing great things about you from their network, that’s when the journey begins easier and interesting.

A powerful personal brand creates a pull effect.

You do not need to chase prospects to build and grow your business. Your prospects come looking for you.

What do we do exactly?

Together in this personal branding and business coaching, we combine your strengths, expertise, experience, personal skills with strategic use of social media, blogging, and technology to create an outstanding personal brand.

What do you get?

  • More prospects, calls, opportunities & business
  • More visibility
  • More reputation and credibility
  • More free time in hand
  • Business automation
  • Growth amplified
  • A powerful feeling of achievement every day

What clients are saying

How the coaching proceeds?

This coaching program will have 7 one to one video sessions online for 45 minutes each.
The sessions are conducted once a week so that you can use the week to implement the learnings and action plan.

You notice a progress and significant difference in your personal brand and visibility as we proceed week by week.

Each week, there is a follow-up call to make sure that I help you address any challenges and technical roadblocks you might face while you work on transforming your personal brand.

Session Fee: USD 1055
Sessions Duration: 45 Minutes per session
Program Duration: 7 Session over 7 Weeks
Mode: Zoom/Google meet

Personal Branding Tools & Resources

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