S for Slow Down – Best Blogging Tips for A to Z Challenge Series

how to slow down in blogging

Blogging brings joy, no doubt.

However, we cannot deny that blogging can feel tiring sometimes. Especially in the initial phase when it has not started making money and visibility yet.

Over 70% of the bloggers give up and quit before it starts showing the fruits.

The moment you feel like giving up, feel demotivated, I suggest to slow down, take a break and come back fresh.

No matter what niche you have chosen, as long as you’re doing it right, Blogging does make great money.

I recorded this video last year to assure that blogging never goes waste.

Like you enjoy the roller coster ride, enjoying slowing down when things are not looking and feeling great with all the efforts you’re making.


Your action plan for today

  • When did you slow down last time? When did you take a break?
  • Instead of writing, promoting or publishing, think of just reading others’ blogs.
  • Enjoy the break.


Happy Blogging

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