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Being an Internet marketer and social media coach, I love to help people with my years of experience and proven strategies to maximize their business potential online. Apart from doing powerful website and blog audit, I provide social media, SEO and blogging training programs for businesses & entrepreneurs, either remotely via webinar, one-on-one sessions or onsite at your office.

social media and blogging training

The training program involves hand-holding for building up your SEO and social media strategy to start receiving leads and sales from the strategy. The program starts from USD650 for a selected social network or blogging.

Should you have any questions, please contact me with a note of your specific needs, challenge and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

You can also connect with me on facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin (and see people happily vouching for me)

And am so glad to share this glowing recommendation by Gaurav Sareen, Power coach & consultant, & founder of Perfiniti, an amazing concept of compatibility test.

I’ve known Sunita since March 2013 when I first met her at a business networking function in Gurgaon.

In that first conversation it was evident that as a social media consultant, Sunita is definitely different from the rest of the ‘cookie cutters’.

What stands out for me about Sunita is that she understands business.

Unlike other consultants who try to jam a square peg into a round hole, she really takes time to know her client’s business objectives, priorities, and their marketing strategies (social and others).

And, I’ve known her to advise clients against hiring a social media consultant because in her mind their business didn’t really need it. Now, if that isn’t personal integrity, then I wonder what is!

The social media plan and strategy prepared by Sunita for Perfiniti is excellent. I say this because of the results its getting us. They’re far ahead of our expectations at the onset.

Apart from the measurable results, Sunita has contributed wonderfully in training my team and me in social media.

With her efforts, we now have a crisp and objective understanding of social media that is far beyond the colloquial posts, likes, tweets, connections, pins, shares etc.

She’s taught us how to integrate various social media enablers, content curating tools, and social media calendars to the extent that the workflow hs almost become a daily effortless routine that produces results to boot! Thank you Sunita!

Sunita is also a very well read and informed person. And, in our conversations over the 3 months, its evident that invests time, money, and effort to keep herself current. This to me is a critical criteria in selecting a vendor or business services partner. Not only does it make for a invigorating conversation, but also brings real value to Perfiniti and myself personally.

Sunita is a very personable character! And, I use the word ‘character’ with respect. Because she’s so sure of what she’s saying, her assertiveness coupled with her personability is a delight to watch.

The bottom line is that I will (as already have) recommend Sunita to every growing business that is serious about and values their online presence and have tried and tested run of the mill social media consultants, but are still reading this recommendation!

Sunita is definitely a valuable asset on Team Perfiniti and I wish her every success at a time of her choosing!

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