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I am dedicating this space to share my best work and books about blogging, social media and personal branding. I was able to take advantage of technology, social media and my personal strengths to create a dream life. And am happy to share what worked for me in these books. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Enjoy reading.

Blogging is one of the most convenient yet powerful ways to reach out to the masses. In fact, call it one of the shortest and working roadmap to money, fame and freedom. However, blogging can be a failed attempt and monotonous journey without the right techniques. It hurts! When we see our precious time wasted and yet having nothing in hand.

This book will let you analyze what’s missing in your blog and what and how exactly you need to work on these areas. Your take aways will be;

  1. Creating an action plan is the first and foremost step of starting a blog.
  2. Creating a distinctive and consistent message that is easy to recognize.
  3. Creating a structured approach such as an editorial calendar to help you plan your content ideas better.
  4. What makes a blogger get in demand and make money; building that credibility and name.
  5. How to find a profitable niche for blogging
  6. All the possible ways to make massive money online with blogging

If you feel that you have been doing everything and still no luck with blogging, this book is for you.

Building a strong brand takes several years of learning, strategies, mistakes and patience to figure out the right blueprint that establishes a true and authetic brand. I have written this ebook to help you accelerate your journey of building a powerful brand. Here’s what you’ll take away;

  1. How to express your authentic brilliance and set yourself apart in a competitive atmosphere to create your own unique space.
  2. How to create a presence that people remembers.
  3. What are the essentials of a trusted personal brand.
  4. How to be one fearless and influential brand in the world of fake and superficial profiles.
  5. How to keep a balance between personal and professional presence on social media.
  6. How to create assets that set you apart on Internet.
  7. Explore the different ways to nourish your soul throughout the process of homing your one true craft.

So, grab this ebook and share your feedback about how you used these clues to finesse your own business strategy.

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