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18 Years in Industry – 4 Successful Businesses – Loves Gardening

Sunita is one of the most trusted business coaches for entrepreneurs in India and she is known for teaching how to work less, save more time and make more money using your personal strengths and digital technology.

Sunita Biddu is favorite among coaches, solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. She helps entrepreneurs utilize technology, social media and blogging in the most efficient and profitable way to improve business and personal life.

The Experience Speaks

Over 18 years of Digital industry experience, and 5 years of running her successful ventures before she entered in the coaching industry as her second venture is what makes Sunita Biddu walk the talk. See how people speak their hearts out for her.

Keeping her academic background of Masters in Biotechnology is her heart, Sunita is enjoying her choice of digital business coaching, and blogging as her passion and profession, making her life, a dream life she ever wanted.

I have worked with Sunita as my business coach for a year now. Her manner of writing, speaking and her blogs communicate her authority over her domain. With her coaching I have established not just my identity as an expert but also built my assets of website and other social media handles. I had paid only cursory attention to these assets before. Sunita's capacity to listen and understand your unique domain as well as your unique offers and products is a big strength. Based on this she designs with you strategies, plans and accountability ideas for both the coachee as well as your team. I have begun to think more as a business owner and entrepreneur than I ever did before. My 1 year of coaching has been like a business education that I never had as a psychologist! I have understood the value of social media and various back end tools that serve the work I do. The best aspect of my work with her is the accountability she holds with you and the care as well as involvement she brings to the work. I believe I have taken my productivity, consistency and overall business to a new level. I look forward to her support for my continued growth and ambitions as an entrepreneur.
Sailaja Manacha
C-Suite Executive Coach | Transitions Coach Psychology for Leading Impact & Influence | Psychologist,Psychotherapist
Sunita is an exemplary coach and a mentor. She is special and different since her coaching style is rather unhurried, relaxed and gets to the coachee (for the want of better word) to her/his heart. I have personally experience in all her sessions, programs and even in non verbal sessions where the training content is written as effectively as in face to face. Sunita nudges you to think and think afresh and “challenges” status quo with aplomb and style. She quite clearly stands much taller then her tall height in the work she does and I run to her for her strategic and operational advise and that is often. The moment I think I know it all there is always more to come since the market and market dimension have changed. In her own words “the market is changing each day” and hence in case you are late by even a day; business may have lost the opportunity for ever. I would not just recommend her but also endorse her for the zeal, energy, knowledge and business understanding much beyond her subjects.
Rajeev Agarwala
Career Evangelist and Coach

Internet & technology is available to everyone. How one uses these two resources makes all the difference to one's business & brand today.

Sunita Biddu

Latest news about Sunita Biddu

Currently, Sunita is conducting online one-to-one business coaching and blogging mentoring to help coaches, consultants, and small businesses to create a powerful presence, reputation, and voice on the web. She also takes on selective strategy and consultancy assignments for coaches where she does a complete hand holding from website planning, architecture, and concept to promotion and conversions with a guarantee of establishing a successful coaching business.

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Personal Life of Sunita Biddu

When Sunita isn’t glued to her laptop, she is traveling to some far-off place solo or with her husband and business partner, Aditya Shrivastava, cooking, thinking, or sitting in the nearby park.

With some crazy plans in 2024, she is exploring India to deep dive into the culture and mysteries, unexplored places. Get in touch with her today so she can meet you while traveling to your town. Sunita is also writing a book that would be an all-time reference web guide for Coaches, Solo Entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Drop an email at with subject, “I want the coaching growth book” to block a free copy.

Keep an eye if you would like to know more about her journey or the value she offers to her subscribers once a month.

She is known for

Her personable and passionate attitude, command  on creating successful businesses, executing ideas and her confidence that makes even people around her confident and get going.

Sunita loves meeting like-minded people and touching their lives.  Ask her anything on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, or connect with her on LinkedIn

She is well-known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and digital marketing speaker in India. People love her skill of making things simple and her prompt answers to any questions you may have related to business growth, websites, social media, blogs or SEO. Got a personal question too? She wouldn’t mind. Bring it on. Send to

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A great journey of entrepreneurship begins with the first step. And a great conversation begins with a Hello. Feel free to share your revenue and business goals. We will make it happen, together.

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