Sunita Biddu is one of the most favorite Social media and blogging coaches among entrepreneurs and business owners. She coaches about how to work less, save more time and make more money using your personal strengths and digital technology. Helping over 2000 customers and trainees every year, Sunita Biddu is enjoying multiple roles from being a successful woman entrepreneurto a hobby Photographer.

The Experience Speaks

Over 13 years of Internet industry experience, 5 years of running her succsessful ventures before she took a plunge in coaching industry as her second venture is what makes Sunita Biddu walk the talk. See how people speak their hearts out for her.

Keeping her academic background of Masters in Biotechnology at backseat, Sunita is enjoying her choice of Social media and blogging as her passion cum profession, making her life, a dream life she ever wanted.

“Blogging is voice and social media amplifies it. Use these two tools to achieve any goal you want.” ~ Sunita Biddu

What’s up latest?

Currently, Sunita is conducting online one to one, group and corporate social media and blogging training programs to help entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses to create powerful presence, reputation and voice on web. She also takes on selective strategy and consultancy assignments where she does a complete hand holding from website planning, architecture, concept to promotion and conversions with a guarantee of making it a success story.

The Personal Sneak Peek

When Sunita isn’t glued to her laptop, she is traveling to some far off place, cooking, thinking, sitting in the nearby park, chatting with her brothers or learning Salsa to dance with life.

With some crazy plans in 2020, she is exploring India to deep dive into the culture and mysteries, unexplored places. Get in touch with her today so she can meet you while travelling to your town. Sunita is also writing a book that would be an all-time reference web guide for Entrepreneurs and business owners.

Keep an eye if you would like to know more about her journey  or the value she offers to her subscribers once in a month.

She is known for

Her personable and passionate attitude, command on the subject of  social media and blogging & the confidence that makes even people around her confident and get going.

Sunita is a social butterfly who loves meeting like minded people and touch their lives.  Ask her anything on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, connect with her at LinkedIn

She is well- known as one of  most successful women entrepreneurs in India. People love her skill of making things simple and her prompt answers to any questions you may have related to websites, social media, blogs or SEO. Got a personal questions too? She wouldn’t mind. Bring it on. Send at [email protected]

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