How to Start a Blog that Pays – The Easiest Blogging Guide You Need

How to Start a Blog that Pays – The Easiest Blogging Guide You Need

Sunita Biddu is a social media and power blogging coaching helping entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. She travels 365 days to her choice of places around the world. She writes on this blog once a week about easy to use social media and blogging tips. You can grab some of her free resources and ebooks from the resources section.

“Make money online” and “how to start a blog” are the two most talked about and searched subjects online. And blogging literally tops the ways to get rich for a determined and committed performer who makes it happen.


Before we learn how to make a profitable blog, let’s define blog meaning for our absolutely new readers and aspiring bloggers.

What is blogging and what is a blog?

Simplest blog definition: a regularly updated public online space that shares useful information for specific industries or niche. For example,  you read all fashion information on a fashion blog, recipes and food tips on a food blog, health tips & remedies on a health blog and so on. Save this blog to answer a friend who asks next time – what is a blog.

You will find thousands of guides about “how to start a blog and make money” and each one is useful, am sure.

What makes this how-to-blog guide different?

1. It is the shortest possible yet complete blogging guide for beginners to take the right actions, right away – step by step.

[Update: By the time I finished writing, it didn’t turn out to be a short one as planned. So, make up your mind to refer a slightly longer guide here]

We don’t want answers. We want FAST answers.

This how to create a blog guide will serve that purpose.

2. This guide talks about the practical action plans and tools that worked for me and helps me make over $1 million per year from this blog (and I created 2 more affiliate blogs following a similar strategy)

3. I have been a skimmer and shallow reader myself (I confess). This blogging guide will make a quick and complete actionable reference to start a blog that makes money without any unnecessary and complicated information.

So, let’s get started.

You’ll learn four key elements of blogging before you learn how to make a blog using these keys.

  1. How to Choose Your Blogging Niche – Your Profitable Subject
  2. What All You Need to Start a Successful Blog
  3. The Best Performing Content Types
  4. How to Promote Your Blog & Posts and Get Free Traffic

1. How to Choose your Blogging Niche

First thing first; you make money by selling anything that people need. Things that people want to buy and buy from YOU – on your blog.

That means, what you love and are passionate about – may not make money if it is not what people want to buy.

So, you need two things here to get started.

  • One – A large audience who wants to buy
  • Two – Things they want to buy

For example, I sell help, resources and coaching about “blogging” and I know there is a large audience who is looking for it.

So, figure out your niche. The subject that will attract a large audience to your blog and bring money.

Do This When you want to start a blog for free or for hobby and fun:

  • Make a list of subjects that interest you the most
  • Now, shortlist the subjects you can write for the next 2 years without feeling short of topics.
  • Once you’re done, bring it down to one or two topics that you can write about for the next 5 years without feeling monotonous. A topic you’re in love with. The one you love to read about and write. The one you’re knowledgeable about or want to be an expert on.
  • Pick one of these topics and move on to step 2.

Note: Remember to follow the above steps only when you’ve decided to blog for hobby and fun. This may or may not make you money.

Readers’ choice: How to start a wordpress blog for free

Do This When You Want to Start a Blog and Get Paid

You’re going invest a lot of time, effort and money on blogging so you want to choose a niche that you don’t regret later.

A profitable blogging niche is the one that people already read and follow. A subject that makes a difference in their daily life, that solves a real-life problem, that brings a better version in them, literally.

You might have read in many guides to make a list of topics you like. I am not going to suggest that. Honestly, I get passionate about a niche that starts showing me money.

So, I will ask you to pick one of the following niches and start building an outstanding blog around it. Here we go without any specific order.

1. Health and Fitness

One of the most competitive yet profitable blogging niches it is. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t search some health information or solution at least once in a month.

This niche has a large audience and you can make massive money with affiliate marketing. I have my own Health Blog that makes over $3000 every month (with hardly $150 investment every month in advertising and marketing).

2. Beauty and Fashion

Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t want to look great and groomed? Beauty and fashion niche not only makes money but also fame and free invitations to the events in town.

You can expect a well-maintained beauty and fashion blog make $1000-3000 per month with 1 year of good work.

3. Lifestyle

This is another interesting yet popular subject with a huge audience. I personally love to follow lifestyle bloggers and blogs on Pinterest. You got to be focused on this niche as a lot of bloggers go horribly wrong.

Under this niche, you can be blogging about home, minimalism, travel or gardening but don’t write about everything. Choose and subject and stick to it.

Use this reference list of best lifestyle blogs to make money

4. Self- development & Personal Care

This niche has recently got a surge in its audience. There is an increasing audience looking for solutions to improve themselves, deal with the stress and depression and more personal care concerns.

You can make good $1000-5000 with this niche in a year using affiliate marketing for self-help books, seminars, and other products.

5. Money & Finance

I kept the best for the last. How to make money online is actually one of the most searched words. You can imagine the audience and traffic your blog can receive if you’re giving them what they want.

However, I suggest you pick this niche when you’re confident about your interest. People usually follow by example. They may want to see how much money you’re making before they trust your blog.

When done well, this niche can return an income of $5-10k per month with good work of 1 year.

Now, choose the niche that interests you out of these suggested 5 niches and gets started with the next step.

Readers’ Choice: How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

2. What All You Need to Start a Successful Blog

Finding your blogging niche is the biggest task. The next step is to create a blog that makes money for you. Here are the next steps (in order).

Sunita Biddu is a social media and power blogging coaching helping entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. She travels 365 days to her choice of places around the world. She writes on this blog once a week about easy to use social media and blogging tips. You can grab some of her free resources and ebooks from the resources section.

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  1. I would love to see you do a post about how to comment on other blogs without it looking spammy. I am assuming when you comment, you put your website in the “Website” field, like the one below on this page? Does the site name actually show up by your name when you comment? How does this benefit your blog ranking, purely via someone seeing your website link by your name, or does this have an SEO benefit with it being some sort of backlink? Sorry for all the questions, lol.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Will write a post soon about commenting.

      Your name sometimes does show up when you make a search for your name, may be in deeper pages. But since you enter your site in the field, it helps you get a link. And that eventually helps with your website ranking.

  2. I was planning to start a blog when i stumbled upon this post. After going through the post I understand how Far behind I am! Gonna Start Planning according to this post! really Helped my Pre-Blog planning! Great Stuff!

  3. One shouldn’t Plan on making money just by starting a blog! You first have to Make A dedicated Visitor base and a good blog that people will want to get their ad posted! Once you have a Good Blog and a good visitor base then you can start to plan on making money! This post is Great with how it says these complex things that even your average grandpa can understand! Thanks for the Post anyway!

  4. I am planning to start a blog! Should I Go with Something made for blogging or a generic website? Will Blogger be best for a blog or a manual WordPress based site will be better? I am having trouble choosing these things! hope you can help me!

  5. I made my blog by following wordpress tutorials on youtube. It was easy and now I feel more empowered because I am more familiar with the platform. There are some great free templates too, or you could buy one for like $30 – $50.

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