How to Find the Most Profitable Blogging Niche in Less Than 60 Minutes

How to Find the Most Profitable Blogging Niche in Less Than 60 Minutes

Sunita Biddu is a social media and power blogging coaching helping entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. She travels 365 days to her choice of places around the world. She writes on this blog once a week about easy to use social media and blogging tips. You can grab some of her free resources and ebooks from the resources section.

You express yourself. You write what you love. You choose a subject that you’re passionate about. You love to hear what people think about your thoughts.

This is what blogging means until the money is not taking the center stage.

But when making money with blogging is the focus, choosing the best blogging niche that makes money is the most important and fundamental step.

So you two choices – Either choose from the list of trending most profitable blogging niches or make a niche you love profitable by becoming an authority.

What is a niche and why do you need it?

A niche is particular information, product or service that is sought after by only a specific audience. A blogging niche allows you explore, expand and reach out to this audience with more credibility.  

It is sensible to start with the best niche for blogging in order to avoid the broad, uninterested traffic leading to a higher bounce rate and shallow impression of your blog and brand. Eventually, the conversion rate is higher when your blog appears to be a little community of readers reading and talking about a common interest.

Additionally, a blogging niche keeps you focused and on track.

When Blogging Niche Research is NOT applicable?

In three cases, it is not applicable.

1.      When blogging is your hobby and you only want to use it as an online life journal to express yourself and write about things you love to talk about.

2.      When you’re blogging to promote an existing business that already belongs to a certain niche.

3.      When you planning to offer your freelancing services for your skill sets.

Topic You Love Vs. Topic That Makes Money

Blogging about a topic that you love certainly has its benefits. You can provide more in-depth information and your blogging niche will provide a fresh perspective to its readers. Furthermore, you certainly stand a chance of becoming one of the original and best blogs in that niche through the detailed insights backed up by your personal experiences.

However, note that writing about your favorite topic may not generate the same popularity as other topics in demand and thus leading to low money to no money at all.

On the other hand, running a blog on a proven profitable niche that you don’t know much about – can be certainly grueling in some cases, especially when you’re writing it. If you’re taking blogging seriously to make money online, this effort is worth and you get a good hold on the subject over time with practice.

Alternatively, you can delegate the writing to ghostwriters and still enjoy the money from blogging while focusing on other areas.

Frequently asked question: Is it a good idea to start a multi-topic blog?

Multi-topic blogs can make good money only if the blogger can manage to post 2-3 blogposts under different categories. The promotions have to 10 times more aggressive for such blog. It works when it gets active like a news blog, gets great traffic (upto 5k visits every day) and this is usually feasible with a team, not by one blogger alone.

How to Check the Profitability of a Niche

Blogging is fun when you’re lucky to blog about your subject of interest. It is always great to quickly check if you can find a subject that you love. Start with the following exercises.

1.      Make a blog niche list you can talk about for hours; subjects that you want to learn more about. Gardening, fitness, home décor, books, movies, write all.

2.      Narrow this list down to three final blog niche ideas that you can write about for next 3 years. Or you can write a minimum 150 topics.

3.      Imagine yourself recognized as a subject expert or trusted authority on this subject. How did you feel? If this is the feeling of excitement and thrill, we’re good to go ahead.

Once you make up your mind to go ahead with the best blogging niche that makes money, the next step is to validate the profitability of your chosen niches and ensure that it makes the maximum money with minimum efforts.

It depends upon a few factors such as search volume, availability among advertisers etc.

[Don’tworry if you couldn’t come up with any. I will share a list of the most profitable blogging niches at the end of this post]

Follow these steps to validate the blogging niche profitability and success

1. Confirm the search volume

Think of 10 keywords related to your chosen niches and use Keyword Planner or a similar tool to find the search volume. I have recently found Twinword and it’s simpler and easier to use compared to Keyword Planner.

how to find a profitable blogging niche


If the collective search volume of these 10 keywords is above 15000 per month, you have a good chance to monetize this niche. These will be your base keyphrases to drive the minimum traffic to make money.

Picking a smaller blogging niche is a better idea as it will be lesser competition, more specific audience leading to higher and faster conversion. For example, in this case, you can choose to create a blog focused on puppies.

Needless to say, it will be easier for you to earn authority in this micro-niche.

2. Use Google Trends to Check Popularity

You may have narrowed down your list of niches to 2-4. Run these through Google trends with one of the basic key phrases and analyze what you find. Are these trends rising or declining over the last 3 years?

3. Run through Google Search

Enter one of the key phrases in Google and see if you find some sponsored Adwords search results on the top and bottom of the page. If yes, it’s good news and you should be able to make money from adsense and similar pay per click platforms.

how to find a blogging niche that makes money online

4. Search on eBay and Amazon

Over 50% of the bloggers are making millions with amazon and ebay affiliates. If you find products around your keyphrases on these two sites, you’re in luck. Your niche has more than one ways of making money and you can utilize all of them in one blog.

choose profitable niche online for blog

5. Look Out for Existing Blog

On a quick search in Google around the targeted keyphrases, see how many blogs and sites are already there. If you see a good number of active and regularly updated blogs, the chances are good that it’s a profitable blogging niche and this subject fits in the type of blogs that make money.

6. Check popularity in Forums & Message Boards

Reddit, and Boardreader are some of the busiest forums for bloggers and readers both. See how threads are open and active around your selected best profitable blogging niches. The more talking means the more money.

The Most Profitable Blogging Niches in 2019

Currently, there are 6 blogging niches that are taking the internet by the storm with their profits. Here is a list of all the top 6 blogging niches of 2019, each of which has huge percentage when it comes to earning above $2,000 per month:

1.      Personal Finance: 24% of the existing blogs dedicated to Personal Finance make more than $2,000 per month.

2.     Make money online and  Marketing: 21% Marketing blogs are making a profit over $2,000 a month.

3.      Food: There’s a very high chance of making a profit out of food blogging. Almost 17% of the blogs relevant to food currently make a profit of over $2,000 a month.

4.      Lifestyle: Lifestyle blogging has become quite popular in current times as people turn to the internet for fashion trips to stay ahead of the trend. 15% of these blogs dedicated to lifestyle now make a profit of $2,000 a month.

5.      Mommy: It’s staggering to behold how child-care has become such a profitable niche in the current times. There are multiple blogs dedicated to child-care and mother-care, 12% of which now make a profit of over $2,000 a month.

6.      Travel: Travel blogging has always had a dedicated crowd following consistently. The popularity of travel as a blogging niche is quite visible since 11% of the blogs dedicated to traveling makes a profit of over $2,000 a month currently.

Niche is Important but Topic is the Key

Selecting the best niche for blogging and writing about it simply doesn’t make the bait. Selecting a topic that grabs your audience’s attention is the key to blogging success. I suggest on three types of topics

  • Topics that are most common and most searched – The FAQ types
  • Topics that are controversial – Creates a difference of opinion and makes readers curious
  • Topics that are fresh and never heard of.

To conclude

A blog on the niche close to your heart will last and have a longer life. It will keep you motivated and never short of ideas. However, it may take longer to monetize this choice if the niche isn’t a popular one. If you wish to focus more on money, then settle at a niche that’s profitable but the one you want to learn more about. Avoid a niche that makes you feel clueless even if it is hundreds of bloggers are making money with this. Go with the one that remains in your head and heart both.

Choose the one you like the most.

Stay consistent and have the patience for 1 year.

Seek mentoring from a successful blogger or a blogging coach.

It will work for you. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

All the best

Happy Blogging

And here is your list of best blog niches to start a blog as promised. And feel free to use the embed code to share it on your blog and help new bloggers.



Sunita Biddu is a social media and power blogging coaching helping entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. She travels 365 days to her choice of places around the world. She writes on this blog once a week about easy to use social media and blogging tips. You can grab some of her free resources and ebooks from the resources section.

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  1. I Was niche hunting when I Found this post somehow. I wasn’t doing most of the thing written in this post. Really kick started my Niche hunting process. Thanks for the awesome post!

  2. People don’t spend enough time for niche hunting! A Good niche can make or break you. One of the important things to keep in mind is how much you know about the niche you are choosing. if you don’t know anything about a niche then what do you expect to write on your blog? and even if you do your research and write a post then it can only have an impact to a certain degree! Any niche can be profitable if you know what you are doing!

  3. Over 50% of the bloggers are making millions with amazon and ebay affiliates.

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