You Got Nothing to Lose in ASKING – A Kid Takes Powerful Selfie with Modi & Trump

No is already an option. You never know you may get a “Yes” but only when you ASK. That is the power of asking.

This kid ASKED and he GOT it. And the rest you know. This video, this kid and the giggling leaders are trending and this will remain one of the most powerful asks and a selfie of all times.

My belief towards asking was changed by a Tata Sky ad in 2011 which showed, “Poochhne me kya jata hai” [We got nothing to lose in asking].

It made me curious. I first tried asking and then perfected my ask. Whether it is asking someone a question I am feeling unsure about or asking for help in need; Needless to say how it contributed to my personal and professional success.

Over time, I stopped hesitating.

I learned these over time:

… Hesitating is more harmful than asking. Asking may go right and hesitating may also go wrong and stop you from getting something you can use.
… Asking makes you confident about what you want.
… Asking makes you master the rejection and hone your art of communication.
… Asking makes you stand out from the rest who cannot.
… Asking gets you 10 times more than those who don’t.

Thinking is such a waste of time. Just Ask  🙂

No is already there. You never know you may get a Yes.

Do you hesitate asking? What’s your story?

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