Addicted to Social Media & Screen? 12 Apps to End Your Problem

Social media addiction is a real issue.

I wrote about social media addiction recently and a lot of people asked for possible solutions and free apps to limit social media use. It’s more widespread than substance abuse. But we get away with it, since we need technology in our daily lives. Plus, there’s no rehab. So the healing process to break social media addiction is solo, and it requires much discipline.

But – You Can Make it Easier by using some smart and free apps that limit screen time and help you minimize the social media use. And this is what we’ll discuss today.

So, how to limit screen time? How to limit social media use? How block social media on phone?

Blocking can be an extreme step. Limiting is a good starting point to avoid feeling anxious and restless as withdrawal symptoms just like any other addiction.

Since the addiction begins with smartphone, the control has to be with the smartphone only. I am sharing 12 best apps that’ll help you control your social media use. Be sure to test each, and pick what suits you best!

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1 – Antisocial App (Desktop)

Antisocial works on Windows and Mac, making it perfect for office work. Additionally, it operates as a site blocker.

You can switch off sites that distract you. And the app itself is hard to switch off, ensuring you stay honest! It’s also cheap. The app costs $15 with full support (with a money-back guarantee). And you can try it for 60 days before signing up.

2 – Freedom (Desktop)

This free app is used by over 1 million people to limit social media use and other not-so-useful sites. And it can help you block off all types of distractions (including games).

It also has browser extensions. Thus, the app is always in plain view if you’re tempted to surf the internet! Plus, the app has multiple price packages. Beyond the free trial, you can get it for cheap, and at $2.42/year

3 – Moment App

Moment app is one of the simplest and best apps to limit screen time and social media you must try.

All you need is to set a quota on the allowed screen time per day. And your phone shuts off after you hit that limit.

Plus, it’s cheap. You can buy it for $5.99, saving yourself unnecessary subscriptions and wasted money!

Shall you really buy such app? 

YES, you must when it is taking so much of peace of mind and your precious time. Your sanity, time, life and relationship worth thousands times more than $6.

4 – Quality Time

This app isn’t just a social media blocker. It blocks ads, records your user history, while providing harsher “usage penalties.”

You can also customize a usage schedule. You can set certain times where using your phone isn’t allowed.

This is excellent if you work within a schedule. It ensures you have a proper division between work and fiddling with your phone!

5 – Your Hour

Your Hour is one of the highest-rated apps on our list. It has 24,000 reviews and a 94% rating on Google Play. It’s also used by over a million users, and it’s tailored for 8 different languages (mostly English and European).

The app is also easy and fun to use. You get different analytics that let you track usage over a period of time.

Plus, you get a rating system that shows your “level of addiction” to your phone!

In a way, you can turn to quit your phone into a game. And that’ll keep you engaged for the long-run!

6 – Stay Focused

For maximum control over your phone access and screen time, this is an app to try.

As for options, you can tweak the timeline of when (and how often) you access your phone. You can adjust the phone for access on certain days. You can even block certain sites during specific hours.

You can also set a limit on the “log-ins” you’re allowed in a timeframe. Plus, you can define usage time, just like every other app.

Plus, Stay Focused app is cheap. It only costs $6/month, making it perfect for budget needs!

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7 – App Block

It’s an off-shoot of the Stay Focused app.

This app doesn’t just block social media. It can also block multiple apps on your phone. So it’s good if you cheat your phone addiction or your social media overusage! You can use it to block games or useless tools that you fiddle with.

Also, App Block lets you decide when specific profiles can be activated. For example, you can set a certain portion of the day (your break time) to explore blocked apps.

Something else this app does is provide a “normal mode” and a “strict mode.”

In strict mode, you don’t need to change the app’s settings when it’s active. This prevents you from backpedaling block decisions, thus keeping your discipline in-check!

The only problem with this app is the speed. It takes a few seconds to block content, making the occasional indulgence easier!


Space app app doesn’t just lock you out of use. It also tracks your progress. So it gives you metrics on how well you’re improving.

You can track everything from unlock counts, to how long you stay on phone!

There are also additional tools that improve the control process. You can dim your phone, exclude certain apps, and block notifications.

That’s $2-$3 a month, making it cheaper than many options on this list! As a starter, use this app to limit your social media use today.

9 – RealizD

What are the best apps to limit screen time for iphone? A common question I receive. There are many for androod. RealizD great tool you can use. And it works on iPhone devices (both phones and tablets).

It’s dirt cheap, with the basic package costing $2.00 per month. RealizD provides a holistic experience that serves tracking and control. You can easily chart out your phone use by the hour. And you can see how chronic your phone use is during certain times of the day.

Plus you can view your phone use on large timescales too. You can check them by month and year!

And did we mention the interval? You can check how often your phone is picked up, thus charting your long-term progress. As for control, you can set basic and advanced limits to lock you out.

10 – OFFTIME App

This app is highly popular, even though it’s for phones only. It reaches 16,000+ reviews. And the reason is, it provides many approaches to curing your phone addiction.

For starters, you’re not just blocking social media use. You can block contacts and text messages too!

Also, this app provides restrictions on the internet and app access. It tracks how you use both, where you can set a limit to deny access.

Plus, it provides analytics. So you can track progress and compare where you’re at in phone use!

11 – Hold

Need a phone app that’s simple to use? Want something that lacks complex analytics?

If so, “Hold” works well. This app is actually a system that gives you “rewards” for staying off your phone! It lets you treat breaking your social media addiction as a game, where you get 10 points for every 20 minutes you stay off.

Over time, you can use the accumulated points to buy coupons – giving you discounts at many stores!

12 – Siempo

This is the final item on our list.

Siempo is a phone app that takes a different approach to phone addictions. Instead of locking you out, it makes phone use less pleasing!

It provides screen blocks and simplified menus, ensuring less distractions.

Also, the app provides tempo functions that control how often you get notifications. It’s a method that ensures less distractions, and a reduced need to check for updates!

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Final Word

Social media addiction is widespread, but it isn’t a hopeless problem. It’s conquerable.

Unlike substance abuse, it’s not physically addictive. It’s simply an issue where you lack structure and external controls.

Thus, you can easily track your use. You can get a timeline of phone use, letting you tackle the issue effectively.

Plus, social addiction isn’t as chronic as other forms of abuse, so it’s easy to give it up. However, you don’t need much. Simply check out these 12 best apps to block social media and limit screen time, and pick what suits you best!

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  1. Hello Sunita! Thanks for the list! I‘d like to add one more that has been the most effective tool for me to cut down screen time and be more aware of my habits: The app is called “one sec”. Heres their website:

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