Avoid Social Networking Sites When…

Avoid Social Networking Sites When…

You are upset with your best friend

It’s good to add a little personal touch to your online social circle but remember, being virtual gives people more freedom to make opinions about you. You may want to share your outburst and emotions to de-stress yourself on facebook, twitter or other channels and it may lead to something unwanted you regret later.

I recently heard a real incidence when someone in my business network lost a potential business prospect just because of an impulsive emotional reaction on some social channel.

Better solution – Take a break and go for an outing, shopping or nearby park. This will help you think more about yourself, the issue and possible solutions to sort the concerns with your best friend.

You received a negative feedback from a customer 

You may want to relax a bit and distracted being social which is natural; however, you’re still dominated by your current state of disappointment and disagreement. This would lead you to post something strong which may influence your professional image in long run.

Better solution – take a cup of coffee and sit relaxed. Do a swot analysis. See what made your customer upset and what you can do to make him calm, what solutions can sort the issue and make him a long lasting happy customer or at the least and last, close the relationship on a positive note

You had a fight with your love interest

It’s good to keep your love life offline, especially when your social accounts have your business connections too. Eventually, your friends and social connections may start taking you lightly when you reveal too much of your personal life.

Better solution – Talk to him/her! Talking helps, ranting and cribbing doesn’t!

You are half sleepy

Don’t make social stuff your sleeping pills. Never expect that you can sleep after some reading, chatting, browsing and surfing online. You’re half dead when you’re sleepy and you may like some blunders and miss some wonders in such state. Moreover, the slight possible activity may leave you nowhere to sleep but headache and depression.

Better solution – Stay in the bed, close your eyes, stop thinking (try), take deep breaths and play a sleep help music on low volume.

You have so much to do for the day

Be it for business purpose or personal, social networking sites can be addictive and lead to loneliness and under performance. Keep calculated hours for your online social networking. Set your priorities and calculate what updates are actually must to make.

Better solution – Think twice and reconsider how much time you’re spending on social sites, the need and what more constructive and useful you can do with that extra time. You’d be surprised!

These are my thoughts when one should avoid logging on social networking sites. When do you think one should stay away from social channels. Would love to see your thoughts and experiences in comments.


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