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Some of the best things in life and decisions happen all of a sudden, just when your mind and heart are in sync; ready for the shift. Digital business coaching for entrepreneurs is one of those serious decisions that get them ready for the next level of growth, revenue and reputation.

This digital business coaching program is gold for you if your answer is Yes to all the goals (All of them)

  • You want to see your current revenues improved by 2-3x within 1 year.
  • You want to see your brand positioned as one of the most trusted, popular, and known in the industry.
  • You want to automate most of your business while working only 3-4 hours a day.
  • You want to see prospects come looking for you instead of you chasing them.
  • You can manage to invest 90 minutes every day (5 days a week) for your business and brand goals.
  • You can invest minimum 10 Lakhs in yourself for 1 year digital business coaching program and the marketing of your brand.
  •  You’re committed to making it happen and meeting your goals.
  • You can take ownership of your success and failure.

“Imagine your clients sharing these feedbacks for your brand and products.

Just buy, don’t think. I have used it.
I am her lifetime customer
I trust him so much for the results that I can recommend him to everyone.

This is what people say when you have positioned your personal and business brand as a bold, trusted, popular and profitable one.

And you’d watch your brand taking that shape with this 1 year digital business coaching program for entrepreneurs.

I have created a dream life for myself, I do what I always wished to be doing; making an easy, sustainable, scalable business, cashflow and income working 1-2 hours a day. 

And anyone can do that. I want to help other entrepreneurs create their dream life and business with this 1 year of business coaching program.

How does business coaching work?

  • This will be an exclusive one-on-one coaching program designed for you, your goals, and your pace.
  • There will be two online video sessions every month.
  • You will start with a sharp strategy for the year.
  • You will take clear and effective action steps about your business marketing without any hit and trial.
  • Your progress will be closely monitored.
  • You will watch your brand receiving more traffic and inquiries as you progress. 
  • You’ll master the art of handling social media, email marketing, blogging, huge conversion rate, personal branding, and taking your brand to the next levels.
  • You will know how to GET THINGS DONE.
  • You will witness a shift in your mindset and your business perspective.
  • You will have my personal accountability to help your business and meet the goals that we will set before your business coaching begins.

What clients are saying

I have worked with Sunita as my business coach for a year now. Her manner of writing, speaking and her blogs communicate her authority over her domain. With her coaching I have established not just my identity as an expert but also built my assets of website and other social media handles. I had paid only cursory attention to these assets before. Sunita's capacity to listen and understand your unique domain as well as your unique offers and products is a big strength. Based on this she designs with you strategies, plans and accountability ideas for both the coachee as well as your team. I have begun to think more as a business owner and entrepreneur than I ever did before. My 1 year of coaching has been like a business education that I never had as a psychologist! I have understood the value of social media and various back end tools that serve the work I do. The best aspect of my work with her is the accountability she holds with you and the care as well as involvement she brings to the work. I believe I have taken my productivity, consistency and overall business to a new level. I look forward to her support for my continued growth and ambitions as an entrepreneur.
Sailaja Manacha
Women's Leadership Coach | C-Suite Executive Coach | Transitions Coach Psychology for Leading Impact & Influence | Psychologist,Psychotherapis
Sunita is an exemplary business coach and a mentor. She is special and different since her coaching style is rather unhurried, relaxed and gets to the coachee (for the want of better word) to her/his heart. I have personally experience in all her sessions, programs and even in non verbal sessions where the training content is written as effectively as in face to face. Sunita nudges you to think and think afresh and “challenges” status quo with aplomb and style. She quite clearly stands much taller then her tall height in the work she does and I run to her for her strategic and operational advise and that is often. The moment I think I know it all there is always more to come since the market and market dimension have changed. In her own words “the market is changing each day” and hence in case you are late by even a day; business may have lost the opportunity for ever. I would not just recommend her but also endorse her for the zeal, energy, knowledge and business understanding much beyond her subjects.
Rajeev Agarwala
Career Evangelist and Coach
I was a tough case, extremely disorganised with a pandora of ideas that I thought I wanted to go after. But Sunita has this unique balance of being an empathiser yet pushing you for immediate action. What I really love about her apart from countless other qualities and the beautiful human being she is, is that she is extremely professional yet approachable and you know that once she is on your team, whatever mess you get yourself into, you will find her standing for you. She is truly a woman of substance, extremely professional & full of compassion.
In a period of nine months, from a state of utter chaos, her guidance led me to create a brilliant business plan that echoed everything that I had wanted to do & be all my life.
My confusion about where to invest my time vanished, I knew exactly what steps to take to build a strong presence in the right direction amongst the right people, online.
My finances improved. I started respecting my time more, and that resulted in quadrupling my fee by the hour for my sessions. Increasing my fee manifold times for the same time duration actually led me to bring a lot of additional value for my clients as well. I am working lesser, getting paid more & the quality of my courses per session has gone through the roof.
My clients are happier and I feel more fulfilled. Sometimes I wonder, had I not met Sunita, I would have still be working like a maniac and achieving only ten percent of what I have now, I would be focusing upon the wrong things.
Swati Mittal
Dr. Swatee Mittal
Director of Brand Stories, Branding Coach

This online business coaching will;

  • Focus on your strengths and skillsets.
  • Help you learn how to take the best advantage of your website and social media for your personal and business brand.
  • Sharpen your online essentials and assets like website, profiles for more inquiries and conversion.
  • Make you do more of what works, instead of fixing what doesn’t work.
  • Help you become a smarter, sharp and one of the most trusted players in your industry
Program Fee : INR 5,00,000/
Plan : Annual
Coaching Duration : 12 Months
Sessions : 2 sessions / month
[45 min each]
Mode : Zoom/Google meet
Establishing a profitable business & a popular brand with authority needs more than just a strategy.

It needs constant review, evaluation, brainstorming, a regularly challenged mindset and a safety net of proven stratagies at the same time.

That's what we do this in exclusive digital business coaching over 1 year.

We make things visibly HAPPEN, together.


100% Money back guarantee if it doesn’t help you achieve your goals we discuss in the first month.

The Outcome

Massive and significantly visible growth within 1 year

Best for

Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Solo Entrepreneurs, New Entrepreneurs, Businesses too busy with no personal time

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