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Being your own boss, running your own business is liberating, indeed. However, there may situations when it feels like you’re stuck in a spin cycle.
You’re working nearly day and night, using best of the business strategies, but not much seems to be happening. That big dream you started with feels too far, and even unrealistic now.

Here’s the deal: you don’t have to do it alone.

I am an entrepreneur myself, and the business mentor who is helping coaches and small businesses thrive. I have been there, launched multiple businesses to create a few successful and profitable ones in the last 20 years. And I know exactly how to help yours take off.

Picture yourself breaking free from these bottlenecks and limits. Imagine yourself reaching your full potential and growth. I will support you as your partner and your business growth mentor, to help you tackle challenges, use your personal strengths, professional skillsets and make your business journey excting with more achievements and returns.

Here’s how we will make this professional business mentor program work for you:

Remember that moment when you got this idea of starting this business, the decision that gave you goosebumps, the first step that made you feel liberated and excited. As your business mentor, I will help you revisit that goal from a different perspective and with same excitement; and transform it into a clear action plan for success. You will know what exactly you need to do, what exactly will work with laser focus on what matters most.

Sometimes the biggest problems are the ones we overlook, underestimate and eventually, miss. Your business mentor helps you spot those hidden gaps and roadblocks that are stopping you from thriving.

Having a rock solid business strategy and a realistic action plan is the key to a thriving and profitable business. We’ll work together to build the action plan, appoint the right execution team and milestones that fits your business model.

You got to make tough calls all the times, when running a business. It’s important to be sure about these tough business decisions because there is no reverse gear in entrepreneurship. As your business mentor, I will be your sounding board, helping you make smart calls that move you forward, confidently.

Let’s be honest, staying focused is hard. We get exposed to several business opportunities on the way, some too tempting to pass. It’s important to realize that we have limited time, resources, bandwidth and energy. Your business mentor is your cheerleader and accountability partner. We will identify what is meant to work for you and bring the highest value on time and money spent.

Let’s come to the matter – The Money

Worried about the cost?

You already know: Wasting time and money on the wrong things is way more expensive. A business mentor can help you avoid those mistakes and get you moving in the right direction, fast.

Our first working association will have 6 business sessions, over 4 months. This will help us assess the business, needs, the milestones, short-term returns and how well we work together.

Professional business mentoring fee – 1,50,000 INR

Session duration – 60 minutes

Mode of session – Video call [zoom/Google meet]

Mode of follow-up communication – Email, phone calls, whatsapp

Here’s what makes our business mentoring program different

No one-size-fits-all advice

Your idea, personality and business is unique. And so is your mentoring and coaching journey. We plan the approach that fits your specific needs, questions, business targets and goals.

We get results

That’s the whole point why we are working at first place – to get results. I have helped tons of businesses take off, grow and settle as a profitable venture. And yours can be next.

Action-packed coaching

This business mentoring program isn’t just talk; I will help you take the practical steps that your business needs to reach your revenue and reputation goals.

Your trusted business advisor

I won’t be just your business mentor and coach. But your partner in every thinking, decision and implementation, cheering you on every step of the way.

What clients are saying

Sunita is an exemplary business coach and a mentor. She is special and different since her coaching style is rather unhurried, relaxed and gets to the coachee (for the want of better word) to her/his heart. I have personally experience in all her sessions, programs and even in non verbal sessions where the training content is written as effectively as in face to face. Sunita nudges you to think and think afresh and “challenges” status quo with aplomb and style. She quite clearly stands much taller then her tall height in the work she does and I run to her for her strategic and operational advise and that is often. The moment I think I know it all there is always more to come since the market and market dimension have changed. In her own words “the market is changing each day” and hence in case you are late by even a day; business may have lost the opportunity for ever. I would not just recommend her but also endorse her for the zeal, energy, knowledge and business understanding much beyond her subjects.
Rajeev Agarwala
Career Evangelist and Coach
I've had the pleasure of participating and being mentored by Sunita in a business growth program by our amazing SheMantra community🙏 Sunita is gifted with an unhurried and positive attitude and an ability to connect emotionally throughout the journey. Her energy is contagious She is highly skilled in Marketing & Social media strategy and inspired me to rethink the value I want to bring to my clients through my website and my content. I am inspired to create more freedom in my business and Sunita has inspired me immensely.
Farah Ismail
Leadership Coach & Courage Catalyst
She sells for me has been a game changer and Sunita has been the change maker! She has been generous and effective with sharing her knowledge and understanding of social media and personal branding. Not only did I understand what’s important to do but also what is important not to do. Mentoring session with her was an eye opener as we discussed my brand positioning - one of the key aspects that pulled me into shesells. I admire her ability to see through and arrive at the problem statement swiftly. Her approach to finding solutions that are doable, cost effective and ultimately profitable (in long run) come from her wide experience in business coaching. Knowledge about Business tools and website insights were priceless! Her pushing us to complete our assignments and her patience with answering each and every query while encouraging mentees to be curious was commendable. Thank you Sunita for making me understand what truly matters in business - especially when starting out
Neha Pant Tiwari
Happiness Coach | Your Success Story
I have known Sunita for over an year now. As a person she is wonderful, warm and helping. She was a mentor coach in one of the programs I attended on Entreprenuership called Shesells. I saw her amazing expertise on marketing, positioning , branding and blogging. She is very generous with her shares of her knowledge, wisdom and experience. She is also extremely patient with her mentees and extends herself more than one can expect. Sunita's commitment towards helping people grow is amazing. she is great at enabling people work smart, work less and enjoy life. I strongly recommend Sunita to anyone looking for scaling their business, wanting to learn how blogs can be such a great revenue generating stream and making websites work for you for lead generation.
Preeti Khare
Founder ENABLEance |President, Coaching Support Group,Bhopal, NMC, UK | President MP WICCI Coaching Council | Keynote Speaker| Mentor| Pre and Post Marital Relationship Coach

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Finding the best business mentor fitting into your entrepreneurial journey can be a game-changer. Here is how I would have found my business mentor a few today and even a few years ago.

Ask my network for references they trust and have tried.
Spot the best of the business mentors in industry events and business meetups. Start a conversation with coaches and mentors I would feel connected to.

Make a Google search for the best business mentors near me. Shortlist the top 5 and start a discussion about my business, challenges and goals. Hire the best business mentor based on my personal chemistry with them and of course, I would trust my gut instinct.

Asking the right questions gets the most out of your business mentor relationship. You can ask about everything related to your business goals, challenges, roadblocks, growth and even personal life challenges.

You can discuss aspects of your team and if you want your mentor’s perspective in tough decision making. The best mentorship relationships are a two-way street. A conversation full of your own insights and experiences bring the best outcomes.

There are countless intangible benefits of having a business mentor. Some of the most potent are:

  • High clarity on goals with a sharpened vision about your roadmap.
  • Someone to spot the hidden roadblocks and address them with you.
  • An experienced mind to build a winning strategy
  • Ease with decision-making
  • Increased accountability

The cost varies with the experience and business model. It can usually cost between Rs. 15k – 75k per session to hire a business mentor.

This is one of the best questions I love. Expect your business mentor to challenge as well support you, to help you with expanding and utilizing your networks, to help you utilize your personal and professional strengths better, and ongoing guidance with their years or expertise and experience.

What not to expect is some magic solutions and results after you hire a business mentor coach. Remember that they work as a guide and advisor. Do not expect hand-holding. Be ready to take action.

Ultimately, it’s who has to work and implement. And your implementation and commitment make all the difference.

Knowing the WHY is the first right step.

Though the answer to this question lies in all the above questions, however, if I have to give one reason why we need a mentor in business – It is to LEVEL UP. To have additional confidence in every business move and decision, to have a GPS so you can navigate the roadblocks better and avoid detours and unnecessary mistakes.

I have learned ultimate patience from my business mentors. I have learned to take tough calls at ease. I have improved my leadership skills and listening skills. I have learned to respect life and myself more. You can learn a lot from your business mentor, depending on what all you choose to receive and implement.

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