How Salsa Made Me a Better Entrepreneur With 9 Lessons

“Never let anyone tell you, you cannot do what you love.”

A 9 year old shy little girl tried an audition for a school dance performance and ended up becoming the joke for the students and teachers present in that room. She sure danced very well but was mocked for her dusky looks and skinny body.

Years went by! And one weekend almost after 20 years of cocooned life, the same girl couldn’t resist walking into the doors of a Salsa class happening just next to her place. That day changed her life forever. Other than bringing more colors, fun, life and spice to the life, it surprisingly polished her to become a better entrepreneur and fine woman.

You guessed right already. It’s me! Sunita Biddu, a digital business coach and social media advisor… and I love to be in a profession that never felt like work or a job but a part of life I chose for myself.

Allow me to share 9 changes Salsa brought in me and how it helped me turn into a better and successful business owner.

1. Shift of becoming an Ambivert from an Introvert

If given a choice sometime back, I would prefer an isolated life being only into myself. The truth is; I was an introvert. I found it awkward meeting new people. This nature only made me opt for a profession that didn’t need me to go out. I could make a shitload of money online without even stepping out of my bed.

Dance opened me up. It made me feel comfortable being with new people. The world welcomes you when you make efforts to take your first step. So, did happen to me. I was welcomed, open-heartedly this time.

As I opened up to my city and people, I thought of trying & exploring the domestic market, for the first time. Along with Salsa, I must mention the personal networking coaching by Paritosh Pathak who helped me take off my market exploration. If Salsa gave me wings, the networking coaching by Paritosh gave me the push to fly.

2. Trust & Connect with Your Partners

Salsa completes with a partner. This beautiful dance form goes to its heights when you have the right connection and trust in your partner. When it comes to taking a leap and making a new way, Salsa taught me how two is better than one, and how two minds synced together with trust can come up with something amazing and strong. I learned to trust people in my business. I gave them the opportunity, time and space to influence me. Undoubtedly, it resulted into better relationships and outcomes.

3. The Public Speaker in me Woke Up

I never knew it was in me, until I started talking in socials. I could talk, speak, hold and light conversations now. It was a different world to me, beyond conversing on emails, chats and calls.

I had a strong yet calming eye-contact that made people confident and comfortable with me. I was able to tell what I do in subtle yet promising manner that made people curious. I could educate more people about a stronger online presence and how it can make life easier and richer.

And eventually, I started getting invitations for speaking at conferences and business groups. Becoming a speaker was far from what I would expect from myself.

4. Better Body Language, Posture & Controlled Thoughts

Salsa made me witness a different world of dance and meditation. I opened up to myself most of all. Salsa demands a controlled posture. And the more I practiced more poise I became. This improved physical and mental flexibility was one reason how I can endure long hours of working and standing if I have to. Every time I moved, I understood more of the body language. It speaks louder and truer than words. It was the time to be honest with your body yet keeping a control.

No surprise! A positive and controlled body language influenced my business meetings in a positive manner.

The biggest gain, I became a great listener, the one with a composed mind and controlled thoughts. It was a different experience to rest my own running thoughts in head and listen to others, including my body and heart.

The results were evident in business events and personal get-togethers. And no doubt, it transformed into more name, fame and business on my way.

5. I Learned How to Appreciate and Compliment

“You give back to the world only what you have”

I grew up in isolation. I hardly received compliments. So, I would hardly appreciate others.

Getting into this dance world loaded me with compliments and appreciation as I started turning into a fine person to talk to and a good dancer.

And here came different world again. Boring, “how are you and weather is great” were replaced by witty conversations and compliments for others. I knew how it felt when you’re not appreciated. I opened up to appreciate whenever someone deserved it. I felt generous to compliment and meet people even more because I started feeling good about myself too.

6. Better Acceptance of Weaknesses & Imperfections

free soul of an success entrepreneurI am sure I looked funny with my initial salsa steps, closed moves and weird expressions. And then we improve as we practice. I am not a perfect dancer today. Not even a perfect human… or woman.

I made plenty of mistakes, I still do.

Dancing helped me acknowledge my weaknesses. And every move gave me the room to improve and be a better version of me. It showed me the mirror to help me accept imperfections with an easier and calm mindset.

This state of mind helped me keep more patience in dealing and understanding the needs of my clients.

I noticed they began opening up to me even being my most difficult customer.

7. I Learned How to Follow

Entrepreneurship showed me all the ways to be a leader. There were times when I felt weak, helpless but yet had to pretend to be strong. We all have to at one point of life.

Until I learned more about understanding self and people as a follower. In Salsa, a lady is a follower and dances on the leads of her male partner. Interestingly, I tried learning the lessons of life and business from people around me, irrespective of the seniority or stature. Such was the power of humility.

8. Discovering the beautiful and passionate me – A Lady with an Attitude

And then came a time when I became friends with self. I found myself more beautiful special and graceful with moves… and without moves. It was thrilling to see myself wearing a different, more positive and stronger attitude, which started transacted into more closed deals and confident relationships.

The passion for salsa dance complimented my passion for my profession. My whole week would rejuvenate with 2-3 hours of dancing at weekend to boost my productivity, stamina, and will to shine at work. I wanted more of this dose. And then the thought of balance struck.

9. Habit of Practice… and More Practice

I am in a business of Internet marketing and social media that shoots new challenges every day. We can expect a new change daily.

Salsa doesn’t only demand, it pushes you to practice. It challenged my perseverance and my desire to improve in every area. With every new move, new change, new musicality (I always sucked at understanding music), I learned more how to cope up with changes, improve your weak areas and how to play in your strong areas.

I started experimenting newer ways and play on my strengths to address the challenges and changes in business life, more often.

Just so you might be interested in you;re in Gurgaon, I am currently practising at Salsa India classes happening at Gurgaon. Feel free to get in touch with Sooraj. He is an amazing coach. I did my basic and intermediate with Sameer Sachdeva, an equally fun to be with and great dancer in Gurgaon.

Last here but surely not the least, I always feel (and even look) younger to my age.

My hobby made me a better entrepreneur and a better person.

Pampering a hobby that nurtures your soul will make you simply shine and unstoppable at work. It fuels your life, feeds your passion and will keep you strong and successful in every phase of life.

Salsa is my passion, my freedom, and the impact. And that is all what I feel for my business, too.

So, your turn! What’s your hobby? How did it a make a difference to your life?

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  1. Isn’t that a great journey Sunita….! If only everyone could discover the talent and potential one has, if only one could dare to open up and see the world with so much confidence…!

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