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My customers are not just business for me; they are my friends and I love to maintain a healthy relationship with them to make sure we bring the best value to each other and cope effectively to achieve better rankings and better traffic every time. Take few minutes to see what my friends and customers are saying…

I respect our customers’ privacy and I will appreciate you contacting me if you wish to talk to any of our existing or old customers. I’d ask them and connect with you at their comfortable timings.


Rajeev Agarwala

Career Evangelist and Coach

Sunita is an exemplary coach and a mentor. She is special and different since her coaching style is rather unhurried, relaxed and gets to the coachee (for the want of better word) to her/his heart. I have personally experience in all her sessions, programs and even in non verbal sessions where the training content is written as effectively as in face to face. Sunita nudges you to think and think afresh and “challenges” status quo with aplomb and style. She quite clearly stands much taller then her tall height in the work she does and I run to her for her strategic and operational advise and that is often. The moment I think I know it all there is always more to come since the market and market dimension have changed. In her own words “the market is changing each day” and hence in case you are late by even a day; business may have lost the opportunity for ever. I would not just recommend her but also endorse her for the zeal, energy, knowledge and business understanding much beyond her subjects.

Sweta Golcha

Sweta Golcha

Content and Digital Strategy Creation | Website Management

My decision to connect with Sunita and undergo a social media marketing coaching program from her has been the perfect and most beneficial thing for my career. After surveying numerous other online courses, I chanced upon her website and after a couple of conversations I was sure that her depth of knowledge in the concepts and strategical thinking are just what I need to accelerate my career growth. She is updated with the latest trends and techniques, patient, confident and a great listener. Her coaching style is practical, focussed and drives you till you reach your desired goal.

Having learnt leaps and bounds from her, I would highly recommend Sunita to those who wish to make digital marketing their career as well as to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to achieve their marketing goals. I am proud to have a mentor like her and will always cherish this invaluable knowledge I have gained from her.

EG Ervin

E.G. (Ervin) Sebastian – CPC, CSL

Author, Performance Coach, Certified DiSC Trainer 🎯 Emotional Resilience & Mental Fitness Sherpa 🤍

Anyone wanting to blog better and/or get more visibility online, check out Sunita’s approach – she’s a young lady I’ve been looking up to for years and I learned lots of little tweaks from her that made a huge difference in my business. Highly recommended!


Yoshita Swarup Sharma (PCC – ICF)

 Executive Coach & Leadership Facilitator

Sunita is a very knowledgeable expert in her domain and I recently worked with her on my own business. She is a patient listener, very compassionate and understanding and makes change easy and practical.

She goes above and beyond the bounds of contract and is always willing to help. I was able to apply many of her recommendations on my website and have seen some results in less than a month! Highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to create a blog or attract leads on the website.

leisha verma

Leisha Verma

Web Content Writer and Social Media Strategist

I learnt Power Blogging from Ms Sunita Biddu in 2019. It was an enriching experience for me. Not only did I learn the basics of Blogging through the training but just observing her taught me so much about the Industry.

Till date if I know that if I need a suggestion or a question answered Sunita will take out precious minutes from her time to answer them.
Blogging and Social Media is now my profession and Sunita connected me with a lot of great clients. Thankful and Grateful to her for that.
I have never seen a professional who comes up with such meaningful resources for their clients and students as Sunita does. Kudos to her.
I highly recommend her coaching and mentorship programs.


Ruchi Phool

Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle Coach | Sustainable Lifestyle

I had my mentoring session with Sunita as part of the Connexus FoundHer Accelerator.

I had conveyed my most pressing gaps and pain points in my schedule request and entered the session wondering if 45-60 minutes would be sufficient to elaborate the points I had raised well enough.

It seems Sunita had gauged my business situation very well. She took time to advise me on solutions for each point thoroughly with absolute clarity, and covered all of them. These require further work, but the concepts and starting points hit bulls eye. Instead of my apprehension, I came out of the session with a full-fledged clear six month plan and relevant resources!

It demonstrates her depth of experience as well as astuteness in identifying my precise needs and suitable solutions. What a wonderful mentor and mentoring experience!

Amita Bhuwania

Amita Bhuwania

Director at Deepam Mktg. Ent. Pvt. Ltd., Holistic Health Coach and Team Member at RachnaRestores

A highly knowledgeable person who patiently hand holds you till the end. She believes in execution and action rather than just words. With in depth knowledge she equips you to be self reliant. A person with an extremely positive aura – she exudes a charm which makes it a pleasure to learn and work together.
Undoubtedly one of the best person to learn from – she is a leader in her field. With an eye for detail , she keeps you focused and on track. Seldom have I seen people sharing their knowledge for the benefit of others. A great mentor and above all a wonderful human being.

Praggatti rao

Praggatti Rao

Personal Growth & Transformation Coach *Corporate NLP Coach * Awarded-Psychologist *Advanced LifeCoach *40under50BsnsLeader

Sunita Biddu is a competent professional and an extremely positive person. She connects deeply with her content and intention on Social media coaching. Her ability to diagnose an issue and suggest practically doable solutions is simply awe inspiring.
Her subject knowledge is no secret, anyone can talk to her for a few seconds and experience the same.Highly recommend her for her social media and blogging coaching anyday.

Himanshi Singh

Chief Editor @TheWOOMag.com | Content Strategist & Marketer | Entrepreneurship Coach & Mentor

Where do I start? I just want to mention that how grateful I am for having Sunita as my coach and mentor. Before I met Sunita, I was blogging and running my magazine for my passion’s sake. But, She brought my complete attention to the kind of potential content writing has as a profession. She coached me for blogging and helped me fine-tune my skills. She thought me how to monetize my blog too. Her mentoring and handholding brought me I am pleased to share that In the past 5 years, I have covered my journey from a freelance content writer to a full-fledged premium content marketing agency. And, I am proud to say that I owe this to Sunita. Sincerely!

Devapriya Khanna

Founder CEO: 212° Brand Lab | Founder: Connexus Global®️ | Certified Independent Director | Podcast Host | Investor

4 years ago I decided to partner with Sunita Biddu as my digital strategist and social media coach – a decision that I am delighted that I took. Sunita’s understanding of social media and digital strategies is cutting edge and deep. She is abreast of trends and techniques and has this knack of helping you understand and master these with ease, confidence and clarity. My company website was also set up by her team under her expert guidance and has received immense praise over the years for the classy aesthetics as well as the smart navigation. She personally looks into strategy and execution and is extremely receptive to client suggestions and feedback.
A wonderful person to know and to work with, my association with Sunita is invaluable and will definitely continue in the years to come.
I strongly recommend Sunita to any serious professional who is looking to stand out and get noticed in the digital space.

Rajat & Isha Sehdev

We took Instagram coaching and the personal insight about the process which I liked most is the way you held our hand throughout. There was so much depth, so much patience to answer our every little silly question.I have personally overcame big Fear of my life. I found the simplest mantra of social media, just Being myself. Loved every care and support you gave us not only during the course , afterwards too.

Yes, we initially felt the investment was on the higher side, however, we wanted to do it. We are glad we did it. When someone compliments me for the content I shared on Instagram, my heart gives credit to you always. Tons of thanks.


Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) Warrior | Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

The best thing about my blogging coaching was its one on one mode. I got to ask as many questions as I could. I feel great about the final output, my learning and my blog now! This was the coaching and motivation I needed to kickstart my blogging journey. 

Truffle Tangles

Ila Prakash Singh

Founder, Truffle Tangles

Sunita is a walking living and alive encyclopedia. I have been taking her inputs for the last 6 years and i can vouch for her precise, scientific knowledge on social media marketing. Her instagram were really an eye opener…looking forward to applying her tips on my biz pages

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-12 at 12.53.36 PM

Sangeeta Kumar


Sunita has played a very dominant role in my blogging journey. She was the one because of whom i ventured into blogging. Her ideas, social media skills,and her ability to coach me as a friend has been the reason of my success in blogging. She is a thorough professional in her field best of the kind. She has great tips always to share and can be reached out any time in times of help. Highly recommend her.


Chhaya Singh

Founder, ChhayaSingh

Sunita has been the only reason for me to take up blogging and even more than that having a belief that I can do it .Sunita is so good with the social media coaching that even someone who knows absolutely nothing about it and start right away after her sessions.

Shantanu Chakravarthy

PhD (FMS-MSU-Baroda), MBA (BIT-Mesra-Ranchi), Evangelist of Entrepreneurship

When we invited her during our BBA Pratibha Uttsav-2016 as Chief Guest and a special training session for student startups we thought she is trainer and web-strategist. After second day and completion of her sessions our experience was “She Is Web Strategist With a Difference”. That different quality could create a space through which we could built-up a sustainable and long term relationship with Sunita. Explaining her qualities through words will be impossible but recommending to attend her session at least once to understand words of our recommendation. Students still asking sir when can we expect her next session please ?

Ryan Anderson

(Webedge Marketing), Australia

Sunita has built a fantastic SEO business. She is a clear communicator with a vast knowledge of the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization. She delivers results and provides detailed reports on the work completed. I look forward to working with Sunita more in the future.

Tanmaya Goswami


Sunita is an amazing coach. Its been an amazing learning experience and with her direction have got a lot clarity on how to go about social media, blogging and even having a website. So much to learn without being overwhelmed. She comforts & challenges at the same time.

tanmaya goswami

Deepti Arora

Feeding and Weaning coach for kids

Sunita is the most joyous coach and a most beautiful person inside outside. Love her easy and profound way of working. She has made my company more meaningful to my clients through her incredible support on my website.
I was scared of social media before meeting her ..now I’m just easy with most of the platforms.
Thanks alsways. Wish you huge success ahead.

Manmeet Kumar

Spiritual coach

Sunita stands for excellence, skill and effectiveness. Her rich experience coupled with her empathic nature, makes a powerful impact. Whether you are an entrepreneur or are running a settled establishment, her ideas can take you to the top. Her skill of being hands on is an added plus. I have personally benefited tremendously – she has helped me take my new venture to great heights. Don’t think twice – just go for it!

Aditya Shrivastava

Founder, AnExtraRep

I met Sunita Biddu when I was about to leave my job. I had no other source of income and no clue of Social Media or Digital Marketing. I took business coaching from her and now three years later I am running two companies, making more money than I ever did in my job and I never have to work more than 2-3 hours a day. The best part is, it is all virtual, I don’t have to go to an office. I could not have done this without you Sunita Biddu. Thanks a Lot!

Shalini Kalra jacob

Shalini Kalra Jacob

Storyteller, Trainer and Textile enthusiast

Sunita is an excellent and intelligent Coach. She understands your objectives in detail and ensures that you stay focused, giving you enough time and space to build your own enterprise. She is knowledgeable, up to date about technology and a keen observer. Her coaching style is fun and goal oriented. With Sunita as my coach, I feel technologically confident in the blogging universe. I would highly recommend her programs to all.


Mark Briody

(SEO Advantage), Sydney

You Know… I need to thank you for all the work you and your team have completed for the many websites I have requested you to SEO (Search Engine Optimize). Every single website I gave you to work on has gained a front page in Google for the key words I requested. (Might I add not all of the key words were easy to rank on page one for either).

Dinakshi Arora

Dinakshi Arora

Program Manager, Altavis Pvt Ltd, Biz Divas India

Sunita is an excellent person to work with. She understands business requirements in depth, is very detail oriented and comes up with the most up-to-date solutions. She has great conceptual knowledge in her field of work.

Aashritha Mathur

Change management coach and motivation mentor – sikshitsaili.com

I can never forget my first encounter with Sunita. I had just started to learn how to dance Salsa. Sunita was my senior. After being introduced, I said to myself, ‘she’s so lazy’. At that time, I did not know what Sunita did.

Months later, I learnt that she was speaking at a Trainers meet. And I thought to myself: Is this the same Sunita Biddu? And so, months passed by and the thought of taking her help just remained a thought.

I finally took the plunge and I can say this: Sunita has proven me wrong. If anyone has kept me on track, kept me focused and motivated through this journey, it has been Sunita. To say that I have learnt a lot from her is putting it lightly. A committed person who is able to give my thoughts direction, explain the silliest, most obvious question and who remains calm, composed and assertive at all times.

Just goes to say that First Impressions are not always the right impressions.

Bhraman Rattan

Founder WedAbout

Sunita helped us make great progress with our content strategy. She is truly an asset with her insightful goal oriented approach. Her skills as trainer are above par and our 6 bloggers who were trained by her became independent that allowed us to focus on other core activities.

Himanshi Singh

Blogger – Premium content marketer | Entrepreneurship| Evangelist |Mentor @ WomenOnOwn Inc | Idea Editor TheWOOMag.com

I am really pleased at my decision to have hired Sunita as my social media coach for my magazine THEWOOMAG.com . I must say that Sunita’s coaching has made me more independent as I am much better equipped to handle social media for my magazine. She had added a lot to my understanding of how to use social media effectively to market my brand. For example, creating a plan and content, creating great themes, media guide are few among the skills I learned during my coaching.

Krushit Shah shares his team training experience…

Conducted a 2 days training program on High Conversion Website Building & Marketing Strategy for Realty Bonanza Team from Gujarat. Headed by Sr. Architecture & founder Krushit Shah, the team flew down to Gurgaon and had several amazing sessions on several Internet marketing, website architecture and social media strategy for real estate.

Seema Adnani

Freelance content writer | Owner of BeautyandU.com and YouandKids.com

Today I take the opportunity of writing a recommendation for Sunita. For me she is an Icon-an inspiration, a powerhouse of knowledge, my Guru. She might not even know this, but whatever I am, wherever I am today, it is because of her. She is the one who helped me lay my foundation with her grooming, feedbacks and tips. She is 1 woman who never goes out of my mind as I relate her to the word ‘Success’.

Paritosh Pathak

Strategic Networking Coach | Author ” The Conscious Networking Revolution”

I had been blogging for more than 2 years before I attended the Power Blogging training by Sunita. Within the first one hour of her training, I learned more than what I had learned in the last two years myself. Her focus on building strong fundamentals gave the real strength to the program and the scope of the content ensured that nothing was left out.If you are serious about blogging and want to know the in’s and out of blogging success, highly recommend the program.


Sheldon Campbell

Top Shelf Copy, San Diego, CA, USA

Sunita was extremely helpful throughout the entire design process, and she and her team delivered precisely what we wanted: an attractive and fully-functional website, built to our specifications.I highly recommend that anyone looking for a professionally designed website talk to Sunita before making their selection.

ben stick

Ben Stickland

(Alliance Software), Australia

We’ve tried a bunch of link builders over the years and generally been disappointed. We started using Sunita and her team as a link builder in early 2010 and since then have got #1 rankings on a range of competitive and lucrative terms.

Manjinder Sood

Founder of Women Energizers

Sunita Biddu was invited by me as an expert to address women entrepreneurs in Women Energizers. As a founder of WE, I take pride in the power content being discussed in my forum and only the best are invited as speakers.
So, she had to answer queries related to Digital Marketing in a challenge round. A quick one liner question was to be answered by her in 2 mins and she amazed the audience with her knowledge as 40 women from different fields had a different question for her. While the members were applying their minds not to repeat the question, and ask extremely relevant and too the point question, Sunita successfully touched a new aspect of digital marketing with every answer. She is indeed the best in her field. It is always a pleasure to be associated with her.
I wish Sunita tremendous success in her career and she is certainly the best choice if anyone is looking to get great work done in the area of digital marketing.

Rakesh Arya

Growth Strategist | Lifestyle Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur & Thinker

Sunita is not only a nice coach, but also a nice human being. While being coached by her, I have been receiving so many other free valuable learning for life. These days, entrepreneurs have heard the name of social media but it needs to be learnt to make the best use of it and I recommend Sunita for the same as she has been doing this for a long time and as I recently said, one can learn many more other valuable things free.

Amit Jindal

Candid Cohort, Director L&D Global Delhi Chapter

The event organised by Learning and Development Global in association with Candid Cohort Infsolutions was the third time I attended your session around digital media and I could see the familiar buzz and praise among the audience about you. Everyone was amazed with your command on the subject and the ease with which you made them understand the basics of digital and social media marketing.

I would love to recommend you as a speaker to more such events for the benefit of the participants.

Wishing you all the best.

Orly Kaniel

PA to CEO & CFO at Royal Wine Corp

We have hired Sunita’s services on and off for the past three years. She is reliable, keeps her knowledge up to date, and delivers what she promises. We have seen her business progresses during this time with better services and reporting system in place. We will use Sunita again, as the need arises. We recommend her SEO services.

Vikas Rajput

Vikas Rajput

Healthcare Software Specialist for Public Sector | Non-Profits | Government

Sunita & I worked together on Fairmount India hotel website which had an immediate need of makeover. It didn’t give the brand impact and conversions the way we wanted. Sunita helped us with Website information architecture, SEO foundation and the visual concept. She went an extra mile to help us with copywriting at a later stage when we didn’t find a writer. And she amazed us with such an outstanding concept and strong SEO architecture that not only reflected the brand impression but also improved the conversion rate of the site. She guided the design and development team throughout and made sure it is completed within our timelines. It was one of the best professional experiences we had and she exceeded our expectations. With the kind of output and working ethics after we worked together, I found my investment worth and well paid off. I strongly recommend her skills and consult without even bothering about the prices. She makes it happen !

Abhijit Roy

Abhijit Roy

Software Development for Financial sector

I am writing this recommendation to acknowledge the value that Sunita brings to the table, with her expert knowledge of the world wide web. Starting with a deep understanding of the people on the web, the audience, she also has very good knowledge about the various mediums being used to engage this audience. This starts from the website – and I must say – that in spite of running a web development company, I have personally learnt a lot regarding the approach towards building an architecture for a successful website from Sunita. Further, her knowledge about facebook, Linked in and other social media tools is enormous. I can go on and on, but I end here, by saying that I would strongly recommend Sunita. We are currently partnering with her on multiple projects, and the results are amazing.

Ron McLuckie

Senior Action Learning Coach & Consultant at WIAL India

Sunita did an exceptional job in conceptualising our website and the final product supports our business strategy really well. She has gone more than the extra mile and her ongoing support is superb.

Dr. Saloni Singh

Dr. Saloni Singh

Life & Parenting coach| Corporate Trainer| Author | Master NLP Practitioner

Sunita is a powerhouse of knowledge, talent and positivity in the field of social media and blogging. As my blogging coach, she put me at so much ease with all the technicalities and writing part of it. She continually supported and motivated me whenever I needed that extra support. That really helped me to keep expressing and establish myself as a blogger. She helped me understand how to reach to people and engage with them on social media. She’s a thorough professional, gem of a person and does not hesitate to go extra mile to support her clients.

I would highly recommend her blogging and social media training for professionals and organisations. Thank you dear Sunita.

Kavita yadav

Kavita Yadav

Parenting Coach | Soft skills Trainer & Facilitator | Career Guidance & Counseling Expert

Hi Sunita,
I am writing this because I feel it from my heart. I always wanted to express myself and at the same time also wanted to know how people feel about it. Your guidance and experience in the form of Blogging Training showed me the right way of doing it.
After understanding the nuances of blogging, I am not only able to reach people but the audience is actually connecting with my type of writing and sharing their feedback too.

Thank you dear Sunita for being that guiding force and my mentor.
Love & Thanks,

Emmanuel Fauvel

Founder, CEO at ASTEMIS

Sunita is a great professional. I love working with her because she is always enthusiastic and never gives up. I worked with her for several projects and I was amazed by the quality of work and her imagination to find solutions. We wrote a book together related to social media and it was a pleasure from the beginning to the end. Challenging, accurate, she is very proactive and creative person. I strongly recommend her.

Željko Aščić

Chief Web officer at Memebridge

Sunita was my main opponent in SEO contest couple of years ago which changed my life. Battle between me and her was quite close and I managed to come first in last moments. Awesome thing was that we were one of rare white hat seo specialists in the contest and we ended winning it.
Since then she was always here when you need it, either for advice or direct help. Awesome girl too :).

Maheshwari Jani

Leadership Development | L & OD | Workplace Culture | Human Capabilities Enabler | NLP Coach | Storyteller

Sunita is accomplished SEO Coach. She is very passionate her about work . Has through and deep knowledge of her domain. A true professional who understand requirement of her clients. While being coached, I learnt so many things related to social media. I recommend Sunita for her work.

Dr. Shreya Deshpande

Director at www.DrShreya.com

Words fall short to write about this talented entrepreneur. Her dedication and hard work in establishing strong client base emerges from her firm belief in herself and her strategic working method. When it comes to SEO and content development, no other name comes to my mind than Sunita! Strongly recommended!

Tarika Ahuja

Author – “Beautiful Children” | Wellness Coach & Educator

Sunita Biddu has brilliantly helped me understand how Facebook can be used as an effective tool for increasing my online visibility, credibility and business.

I had made a facebook page that few people knew about and it had little interaction in a period of 6 months. I hardly used the page and mostly used my personal Facebook account. Within 4 weeks with Sunita, many people got to know about my work page “The Good Life Studio” and started interacting on this page for daily health tips as well as viewing testimonials of diabetes/cancer reversal etc. It became an excellent platform of exchange and sharing the benefits of Macrobiotics Health Coaching.

As a Macrobiotic Health Coach I was invited to many groups, forums and schools for talks – mostly in-person work. She explained the benefits of social media and guided me with patience, clarity and simple result oriented steps to achieve goals. Her quest to help people achieve their highest and best in any field is simply remarkable. She has a very good vision and understanding of all fields and can help any business grow.

It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing my blog with her as well. Thank you Sunita – I wish you the very best

Swati Mittal

Swati Mittal


Long post Alert. I am not the ‘just leaving a review’ kinds, cause something/one has to really impact me to get truly inspired to put my experience into words. So, my apologies to those who are looking for a short and quick review. But this is the most authentic manner I can leave a review for others like me who are in search of a mentor who can help them be who they want to be. Sunita is god sent for people like me, who believe in their true potential but are caught up between their artistic nature & entrepreneurial challenges. I am a director & an acting coach, but have been saying yes to projects way out of my domains and had multiple excuses to justify doing so. In my very first session, Sunita’s experience and wisdom helped me identify the right path towards my goals, reducing my time, effort and costs into half in exchange of getting more. I was a tough case, extremely disorganised with a pandora of ideas that I thought I wanted to go after.

But Sunita has this unique balance of being an empathiser yet pushing you for immediate action. What I really love about her apart from countless other qualities and the beautiful human being she is, is that she is extremely professional yet approachable and you know that once she is on your team, whatever mess you get yourself into, you will find her standing for you. She is truly a woman of substance, extremely professional & full of compassion. In a period of nine months, from a state of utter chaos, her guidance led me to create a brilliant business plan that echoed everything that I had wanted to do & be all my life. My confusion about where to invest my time vanished, I knew exactly what steps to take to build a strong presence in the right direction amongst the right people, online. My finances improved. I started respecting my time more, and that resulted in quadrupling my fee by the hour for my sessions. Increasing my fee manifold times for the same time duration actually led me to bring a lot of additional value for my clients as well. I am working lesser, getting paid more & the quality of my courses per session has gone through the roof. My clients are happier and I feel more fulfilled. Sometimes I wonder, had I not met Sunita, I would have still be working like a maniac and achieving only ten percent of what I have now, I would be focusing upon the wrong things. So much of effort, time and money could have ended up being wasted, if not for the brilliant & timely guidance that Sunita gave.
Thinking of it, I get overwhelmed with gratitude for her.

No, she isn’t just another Coach, she is THE Coach, she is the best mentor if you are looking for someone to help you love your business, work less and earn more, become more effective through your online presence and connect with the clients who would actually love you back. She has the key to help you find them, and all this while she will ensure that you are living a fulfilled life as well.

Did we work together?
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