One-to-One Blogging Coaching

Blogging is an adventurous but long journey. 

It does get lonely sometimes.

A professional blog coach and mentor helps you take the right roads and at the same time, address the roadblocks you may have in your blogging journey. 

From building a profitable blog to keeping up with industry trends and personal development, having a blog coach can significantly accelerate a blogger’s learning curve.

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What do you get in blogging coaching?

An active and professional blog works as a powerful tool for content marketing and building brand credibility, practically for any profession and business today.

Whether you want to start a hobby blog that makes passive income for you or you plan to establish a professional business or corporate blog to get more leads and prospects for your services, professional blogging courses, training and services work wonders for your revenue and reputation goals.

I am Sunita Biddu. As your business blog coach and mentor, I will hold your hand and help you enjoy learning to blog with better and faster results, visibility, and opportunities with this exclusive blogging blogging course for entrepreneurs.

These seven blogging sessions over seven weeks are exciting and involve massive practical learning during your professional blogging training. I will help you master blogging skills so you can build, brand, and manage a successful and profitable blog that gives you daily sales, subscribers, and referrals.

Over time, this one-to-one blogging training has been proved as one of the best blogging courses available online that will not just focus on writing but also on marketing it right.

How would I help you as your business blog coach

Hire a personal blog coach when you want to speed up the returns and see a significant difference in your blog’s popularity.  This is what happens when you opt for trusted blog coaching services.

  • We build your blog strategy together and align it with your revenue goals during this business blogging course
  • We will use your blog analytics insights and monetize the traffic at the early stage
  • And most importantly, I will offer one-to-one video sessions every week for 7 weeks in this powerful blogger training.

The learning is mutual in these blog coaching sessions. I have had massive experience coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs. Being a digital business coach for entrepreneurs, money remains the first goal and outcome even if it’s not on a bloggers’ mind. Money is what motivates and lights the blogging road and journey.

Let’s make your blog work for you.

“Blogging is not just about preparing a good message but getting that message heard.”

Sunita Biddu

Clients' Blogging Training Experience

Of all the coaches out there, I don't think anyone takes as much interest in their pupil's success as Sunita Biddu. At every step of the way - I could feel - all my successes were celebrated by her as HER successes. My wins were her wins. My struggles were her struggles. How she texted me, even late into the night, checking up on my well-being and challenges. She permitted and in fact encouraged me from early on itself to share all my thoughts, feelings, doubts or challenges via messages and emails at any time of the day. I always got prompt guidance from her on those. Who does that in today's world? I am so very grateful to The Divine for sending me Sunita Biddu as my blogging coach and mentor. Today, even though the course got over long back, she still texts me sometimes - enquiring, watching, guiding. It's like God has given me a life-long guardian angel as a friend. As a return on your investment of time and money - if someone gives you back not double or triple but 10X - would you say it was a wise decision or not? And if along with your investment, you get a life-long bonus of a genuine friend, guide and cheerleader - would you feel like the luckiest person on planet earth or not? I do.
Muka Mani Punj
Businesswoman, Blogger, Voice of Introverts at
The best thing about my blogging coaching was its one on one mode. I got to ask as many questions as I could. I feel great about the final output, my learning and my blog now! This was the coaching and motivation I needed to kickstart my blogging journey.
Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) Warrior | Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

Lessons covered in the blogging course to take you to the next level of revenue

  • Building a profitable and professional blog that stands out
  • Best business blogging practices to engage your audience
  • The finest content marketing practices to attract targeted readers and prospects
  • SEO-friendly blogging skills that put your blog on top search rankings
  • Social media marketing best practices to market your blog
  • Sales funnel creation to maximize conversions right from day 1
  • Email marketing skills to stay on top of  readers’ minds
  • Best email list building and conversion strategies
  • and a lot more…

And we also ensure to…

  • Create a unique, successful, and unbeatable blog.
  • Plan and implement a blog monetization strategy
  • Ensuring to get your first income/prospects as we finish blogging training
  • Be organized and make blogging easier and more profitable.
  • Create blog content that gets noticed and shared.
  • Identify the roadblocks and eliminate them.

Program Fee : INR 90k

Coaching Duration: 45

Minutes per session

Coaching Duration : 12 Months

Sessions: 7 Session over 7 Weeks

Mode : Zoom/Google meet

You can make blogging profitable, enjoyable and powerful.

It simply is a matter of finding the best blogging coach for yourself —
.. the one who understands and practices this technique
.. the one who is living a dream life of freedom
.. the one who can show you the wings to fly and make your blogging journey, a total fun.

Book a Single Breakthrough Blogging Session with Sunita

This will be a 45 minutes video call on Zoom or phone to discuss your biggest business blogging challenge right now. The challenge that has become your roadblock and you can do anything to get past this. WE will get you straight to the solutions and to the results you can use.

You have wasted hours of time and so much money. It’s time to put a stop.

Some of the recent breakthrough blogging sessions have resulted in:

  • Clear steps of connecting with your blog readers for higher engagement & conversion
  • Building a powerful blogging strategy to acquire more subscribers every day
  • Creating an actionable revenue plan to monetize the blog
  • Creating more revenue streams from your blog
  • Creating a store and shop to create passive income
  • Attracting more and high paying brand endorsements
  • Creating a plan that turns your blog readers into paying customers

Program Fee : $199

Coaching Duration: 45

Minutes per session

Coaching Duration : 12 Months

Sessions: 7 Session over 7 Weeks

Mode : Zoom/Google meet

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How to Create a Profitable & Popular Blog

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