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I love to help coaches and entrepreneurs make better and more profitable use of social media and the Internet. This social media training and coaching program focuses on getting more leads, business opportunities and prospects using various social media channels spending no more than 30 minutes a day.

Social Media has changed the way we think, decide and live. And that includes our business. Have you noticed how it influences our buying decisions? 

That’s because social media is people. People watching people. People following people. People asking people.

Chances are high that someone is checking up on your business or personal background to share a big business or opportunity.

Are you ready?

Or you feel

  • You’re missing out on leads and clients because you don’t have a sound presence online
  • You’re not sure what to post on social media
  • You tried but it didn’t deliver any return with your social media marketing strategy
  • You wished you could create those cool looking designs you see on others’ profile and hiring a designer can be too expensive

If that sounds like you, it’s time to invest in yourself. It’s time to think about having a social media and social selling coach by your side.

Get ready to see a newer, better and bigger version of your personal and business brand.

This social media training has worked amazingly for coaches and consultants.

One on One Social Media Coaching

I have designed this exclusive social media coaching for coaches and it has worked equally great for determined, goal-driven and ambitious professionals, business owners and startup entrepreneurs who are serious about their personal brand and life. 

This is perfect for the one who is all ready to start off and work on a powerful social media strategy to get more business, reputation, and visibility.

What do we do in this social media training

  • Create a powerful social media profile that works like a magnet for you in getting right prospects – on all major social networks
  • Learn to get socially active and resourceful to your audience without being online whole day
  • Build trust, credibility and get known in your industry for your skills and services
  • Build an automated social media marketing plan that requires only 30 minutes of your day, every day.

What clients are saying

Sunita is not only a great social media coach for coaches, but also a nice human being. While being coached by her, I have been receiving so many other free valuable learning for life. These days, entrepreneurs have heard the name of social media but it needs to be learnt to make the best use of it and I recommend Sunita for the same as she has been doing this for a long time and as I recently said, one can learn many more other valuable things free.
Rakesh Arya
Growth Strategist | Lifestyle Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur & Thinker
I am really pleased with my decision to have hired Sunita as my social media coach for my magazine I must say that Sunita’s coaching has made me more independent as I am much better equipped to handle social media for my magazine. She had added a lot to my understanding of how to use social media effectively to market my brand. For example, creating a plan and content, creating great themes, media guide are few among the skills I learned during my coaching.
Himanshi Singh
Evangelist |Mentor @ WomenOnOwn Inc | Idea Editor
Social Media has potential to put anyone in front of an audience of millions.

It's available to everyone, for free.

Now, it is up to you how you make use of this open & rich resource of ready audience for your money & business goals.

The key is in doing it right & long enough.

I would love to support you in your growth as your social media coach.

Book a Breakthrough Session with Sunita

This will be a 45 minutes video call on Zoom or phone to discuss your biggest social media marketing challenge right now. The challenge that has become your roadblock and you can do anything to get past this. We will get you straight to the solutions and to the action plan you can use.

You have wasted hours of time and so much money. It’s time to put a stop.

Some of the recent breakthrough sessions have resulted in:

  • Clear steps of connecting with your readers for higher engagement & conversion with social media
  • Building a powerful social media strategy to acquire more targeted followers every day
  • Creating an actionable plan to create and monetize the social media content
  • Getting more inquiries and qualified leads from your targeted social network
  • Creating a plan that turns connections and followers into paying customers.

Program Fee: 90k

Coaching Duration: 45

Minutes per session

Sessions: 7 Session over 7


Mode: Zoom/Google meet

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