How Attending Over 1000 Events & Workshops Stepped Up My Business

Events and workshops; Few hours to months long, free and paid (upto 5 L per event for some), have hugely conributed to my personal and professional growth. I wouldn’t imagine myself doing well emotionally, socially, financially and personally if I wouldn’t go to all of the events I did so far. Over 1000 may be.

A lot of entrepreneurs miss some of the most valuable events thinking;

1. I know about it – Well. we know about a lot of things. How much we actually do? The least attending a useful event will do is to give a reminder that you need to move from knowing to doing.
2. What’s new to learn – Internet has so much of information that we know about almost everything. Instead of expecting the entire event to give you the new stuff, expect to receive a little new that you can practically use.
3. It’s free, might not have much value – This post is about some of the life-changing lessons I earned from free events. Stay with me and keep on reading.
4. Too expensive – Do not decide upon the ticket price. Decide what value it gives and what change it can bring into your life. And never forget that, event can only guide, it’s you who implements.

I have 8 life-changing learnings from some of the free events I did. The paid ones I did had a totally different level of impact, of course.

1. The Confident Handshake

When I moved out from cocoon to this physical business world, I didn’t even know how to talk to people and the handshake. I was always a millionaire girl behind an email. I would observe some ladies doing a soft touchy airy handshake that hardly held hands. And then I attended this free event by Bizdivas and heard Gayatrè Sehgal about handshake. It was an eye opener. Might appear a small learning but seriously, I literally half converted many business deals just by the first handshake when I met them. I would often hear from people I meet for the first time,”wow, that is some great handshake. ” And every time, I feel grateful for attending that event.

2. Two (2) Minutes rule

It was one of the sessions by Leadership Coach, Gulraj Shahpuri at one of the Reinvent event when he shared the 2 minutes rule. If it’s going to take only 2 minutes to do something important, do it right now. It’s not worth putting up in your to-do list. It’s one of the best things I do every day. I don’t know the original author or inventor of this rule, but I am certainly thankful for that decision to attend the event and Gulraj.

3. Money fundamental

We don’t want to take money from our parents, independent adults have this common belief. It was one of the sessions by Ramon when she mentioned how we block money coming from the age group of our parents. Honestly, I don’t even know how true is that. But I bought this belief and interestingly, I stopped thinking that I shouldn’t take money from my parents. I love money coming from every direction and person.

4. Mascara & The Sleepy Eyes

I never took my eye makeup that seriously until I heard Supriti Batra in one of the WE events. I am a low maintenance girl who keeps minimal makeup. But I remember just one thing she said, “You look awake with a Mascara on.” I tried this and whoa, I did see the difference. Along with my lipstick, Mascara owns the space in my handbag now. (Men, it’s not for you. Only for women so no comments on this learning from men. Your eyes may look either sexy or sleepy all the time)

5. The Power of Giving First in Business Networking

Paritosh Pathak is the person who got me comfortable with business networking. It doesn’t even appear networking to me anymore. It’s knowing people and building relationships. I was a pathetic giver when I was the early stages of learning but I am a generous giver and connector today. Took me long but am happy and grateful to be in a position so I can give and connect different people almost every day.

6. Secret Money Box

It was an interesting hack by Amrisha in one of the small events where she told about this secret money box where money only goes in. You can’t take anything out. This works like a money magnet. And I found it so amusing that I started doing it same day. I am sure it might have worked for me.

7. Slow eating

A food meditation I attended (By Ananda if I remember the name correctly) in Gurgaon changed the way I look at food, eat it and feel it. I ate very simple, home cooked food, feeling each bite slowly and knowing how it is feeding my body. I ate less than what I usually eat and I felt full and amazing. It was a learning I will never forget.

8. Open Body Language

I remember myself feeling like an alien in one of the mentoring walks by Bizdivas a few years ago. Heightened heart beat, nervous, not comfortable around people and ready to run away. Still, I stayed to learn what could I improve. That day I learned I had to open up myself to let people receive the open, warm and welcoming vibes from me. Everything changed from that day. I was a different person. And she was Rita Gangwani who broke this barrier for me.

I have more lessons from hundreds of events and workshops I did. These were the most prominent.

How I decide to attend an event.

1. If it is useful for my personal or business growth, and I have no other commitment on that day, I will attend it.
2. If it is not happening again within next 3 months and useful for me, I will attend it. I wouldn’t like to pay the cost of the time.
3. If I sense 2-3 times the value of it’s ticket price, I don’t see the price, I attend it.
4. If I do not find the event leaders practice what they preach, I don’t attend.
5. I prioritize usually maximum 2 events or workshops a month.

The crux is – Never miss an opportunity to learn that can make your life better. You come before money.

Each event, I attended I came back with at least one take away. FROM EVERY SINGLE EVENT.

Keep Growing

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