Why Time.com 2013 Poll Seems like Bogus

Just a couple of hours back, I voted for Arvind Kejrival on Time.com 2013 poll.  He was on second position with 83554 votes something. And after 20 minutes I check ed back with  the results again since I asked my all friends to vote for India and Vote for AAM Aadmi. I saw kimdotcom was on 2nd postion. And damn.. he got around 20000 vote with last 20 Minute? WOW!!! How is that possible? Oh well yes.. it happened!

I read his profile who he is.. surprised to know that he is a super mafia hacker, and had been to jail for many times. Then my intuitions were saying, something wrong definitely.  Then finally figure what is happening actually…

Secret Revealed

Example like how people can hack the polls programs, are here.


Time.com is one of the legit source which I have been reading since last 7 years, and I think it’s a clear big question on their image. If they don’t work on these backend errors 🙂



They need to develop the plugin which sets a unique cookie if people voted and blocks fakers from voting twice on the same poll if the cookie is set. If it is set then you can only see the results.

What I would suggest to do is block the user from voting more than once if their IP is in the database as well. Maybe a session would do that for you.

and here is the result I have been checking since from last one hour for the results.  It seems like kimdotcom wants to beat Mohamed Morsi. Pretty much sure that he gathered 50000 votes within last three hours easily. Must be LOLing on our system…

2 hours back screenshot…

The Results - The 2013 TIME 100 Poll - TIME.com



After Half an hour



The 2013 TIME 100 Poll -after

Edit: Seems like We can not vote more than once. Problems look fixed. But what am sure, its not possible having more then 50k votes within last 5 hours…

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