Mini Guide – How to Make $2000+ Fast with Blogging

How to make $2000 fast? How to make money blogging – these are so far presumed to be some of the most common questions searched in Google. Interestingly, blogging is presumed to be one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to make money and earn the first $2000 fast.


It may not be the easiest but certainly the most rewarding way of making money that has the potential to make unlimited money.

To make sure that your blog makes massive money, you need to create a powerful blog setup, compelling and useful content that people love to read, ongoing promotions, and of course an active email list of subscribers.

Read Part I of Make Money Online with Blogging that guides you on how to start a blog that makes money. 

6 Ways to Make Money With Blogging

Now that you’re ready to welcome visitors on your great base blog, it’s time to know the question answer to your big question – how to make money from my blog – You got 6 ways.

1. Sell Ad Space on Your Blog

This is the easiest and one of the first most popular answers to the question – how to make money from my blog. You can choose to sell ads directly to the brands and advertisers or you can sign up with Adsense, MediaVine etc. to start getting automatic ad placement.

If you choose to sell directly, create a good media kit and put it in a prominent position on your blog for advertisers. Ensure to put your pricing and traffic details, every detail that convinces a brand to buy from you.

Advertising works with traffic. The more traffic you have, the more money you make. This is the reason why it makes little money for new bloggers.

If you’re in a more popular niche such as health, beauty, and technology etc, it would be easier to generate significantly large traffic and make money.

I make nearly $2000 every month selling ad space on this blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Most successful blogs make 6-7 figure income with affiliate marketing. You write reviews and recommend products to get commissions.

In the bloggers’ world, pay-per-click advertising brings peanuts and affiliate marketing brings almonds. That’s how bloggers earn from blogging.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you make good money even if you’re not receiving massive traffic. As long as you’re writing great, you will make sales to the recommended products on your blog.

3. Coaching and Consulting

Consulting can be a lucrative and easier way of making money from your blog if you’re confident of being able to help people with something. What is something you’re best at?

Home décor, astrology, creating designs, travel arrangements, business, find your strength and consider creating a consulting plan.

Note that consulting means establishing yourself as an expert, someone who has achieved a milestone becomes a live proof success and goodness and is trusted.

You can charge $50-5000 per hour based upon the value you can deliver and the market you’re serving.

Over 50% of my business comes from my coaching and consulting practice and it wouldn’t be possible without my blog.

Plan yours.

4. Sponsored Posts

Anyone would want to take advantage of the traffic your blog receives. You can charge for the content if someone wants to publish it. Remember a few things.

Don’t overdo it. Prefer charging well and publishing one sponsored post a week instead of doing cheap sponsored every other day.

Make sure the sold content is brilliant enough to provide good value to your readers. Ensure that you’re promoting your blog and blog posts regularly so that you attract more of such sponsored post opportunities. How do bloggers make money is how well they promote their blogposts and drive more traffic every day.

5. eBooks, Workshops and Courses

All of these make huge money and most of the successful bloggers make 90% of their passive income from ebooks and online courses. It requires a good deal of expertise in your chosen industry though. Take your time to create a few courses and ebooks that people can’t resist to buy. The more useful things you create, the more money you make with direct and referral sales.

If you have nothing in mind on how to earn money from your blog, then start with creating a simple short course or eBook on something you’re master at, and start selling it.

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6. Freelancing

People need help but more than that they need things done. Freelancing makes more money than anything but it can take a toll on your time and life. It’s demanding and time-consuming. Among multiple sources of your income, you can try keeping a few hours of freelancing and earning great money.

Do bloggers really make money? How long does it take to make money blogging? Can you make money from blogging? Is blogging profitable? These are some frequent questions I receive.

Well, there is a good demand for writers, bloggers, designers, developers, and visual creators. See what you can help with.

Now that we have covered pretty much everything from start to launch about making money blogging, the ball is in your court. Before I leave you to take action, I want to answer two last and burning questions.

Can we really make money blogging and have a luxury life of freedom?

Indeed. It IS very much possible and already proven by hundreds of millionaire and billionaire bloggers who are earning more than $2000 per month, rather $2000 plus per day.

Blogging works for you only when you work for blogging. The journey is rich but demands patience and investment of efforts, time and money. It’s certainly easier than many other professions.

If you take it as your primary focus and priority, it will deliver results like anything. Make up your mind to invest 3-5 dedicated hours every day to make it a massive success.

Here are some of the blogger earning stats along with their source of income to motivate you from

top earning blogsAnd here is an interesting blogger earning post to refer

Find a blogging mentor and coach, get trained, practice as much as you can, master your art, aim to be among the best in your niche and nothing can stop you from making money blogging.


If I am able to do things I always wanted, travel around the world, and make an 8 figure income working 1-2 hours a day, it is all possible because of blogging. I trusted myself and my decision of choosing to blog.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

You have got a blog? I would love to review.

How long does it take to make money from blogging?

As soon as 1 month and it can take as long as two years to make money from blogging. How much money and how soon you can make money from blogging depends upon your monetzation strategy and methods, your blog niche, your content quality, frequency, promotional methods and how well you’re doing your blog SEO.

You’re struggling to make money out of it? Let’s talk about coaching you.

You have got a specific challenge? Think of one session with actionable solutions.

Or just ask your question.

Let’s make this work 🙂

See you soon


9 thoughts on “Mini Guide – How to Make $2000+ Fast with Blogging”

  1. Hey Sunita!! I love reading your articles, you’re so full of knowledge! I’m so encouraged by these, especially this one as I just started my blog a week ago. lol Wish I had seen this before I started, but at least I can try and catch up. I know it’ll take some time before I can create some momentum, but I’m in it for the long hall. Do you know where I can go to get more training on placing ads on Facebook? I hear that’s pretty fertile ground for getting blog traffic.

    1. You can start with simply by boosting your blogposts. I suggest going to Jon Loomer’s blog for some amazing Facebook advertising training posts. All the best for your blog success

  2. I’ve heard all over the place that the money is in the list. If you can’t build an email list, you can’t really make that much money coz you’re missing out on people who won’t buy right away but might later on. I’ve been trying to grow my list. I’m at 53 people right now, lol. Thing is, I’m pretty proud of that because these are people I don’t know but they actually care about what I write and comment, so they’re definitely primed for being marketed to. Do you have any advice on how to boost the list building? How often in my email campaigns should I market to them versus give them more value so they would stay on my list?

  3. This is a perfect all-in-one resource! Thank you so much! I’ve literally have not been able to find another article that covers every step from point A to B on starting up a blog. You rock! One of my least favorite steps is choosing the theme… for one, it’s and added expense whereas most of the process is free… except of course getting your domain and hosting.. but still. The themes can get pretty pricey. Those two are pretty sweet looking though. I guess my issue is there’s just so many choices! I’m pretty picky like that. Anyway, great resource!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Bryan. There are some good free themes are available if you’re just starting out. This makes me post another blog soon about free themes.

  4. Is it okay to have an obscure niche for your blog? Mine is specifically about Italian cuisines. I started it three years ago and mostly write for fun but lately I’ve been looking into ways to monetize it. I see some of the options here but I wonder if there’s a big enough audience to really convert this to a full time income someday. Should I consider a niche blog with a more massive appeal? I’m okay with continuing my Italian food blog, but I can also run a second one too. Thanks for your help.

    1. Food has been one of the most popular niches and it works brilliantly with Instagram as a marketing strategy. Go ahead, You will find a small but well performing audience with good number of advertisers to monetize your blog.

  5. I love the idea of commenting other blogs… that’s exactly why I’m commenting here lol. I’ve learned so much just from you and getting to know you through these articles. Plus through my learning, I’ve been able to put them into practice and thus, I’m getting better and better with managing my own blog. I’m so thankful for authoritative blog writers like you Sunita. Hope all is well with you! If you had to pick one thing that would help boost results the quickest, which would it be? Again, thanks!

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