11 Steps to Build an Email List of 10000 Subscribers in 6 Months

10,000 freaking email subscribers! Tell me if this doesn’t excite you as a blogger and writer.

And tell me one blogger who wouldn’t do anything to get this in the next 6 months.

… Getting notifications of tens of new email subscribers on the blog every day
… Comments rushing soon after you publish a new post
… Tons of sales from your email campaigns sent to subscribers
… Hitting a mark of 10,000 subscribers

It does excite, right?

Blogging is useless if you’re not focusing on building your email list subscribers base from day 1.

You heard me right, FROM DAY 1.

One of your first goals should be – how to get free email subscribers to your blog? How to build an email list?

So, even before you publish your first ever post, make sure you set up a fast, easy to opt-in and good looking email subscription feature. I will share some good tools to set that up later in the post.

Once you have configured the opt-in feature, it’s time to focus on the reason why your blog visitors would subscribe to you at first place? What are the things that make them hear more from you and come back.

I am sharing 11 reasons they would happily subscribe to your blog and what to do to get this massive following.

And make sure you download your email list building infographic at the end of this post (feel free to embed on your blog)

1. Powerful Giveaway

Giveaways and free resources work as lead magnets. Let’s call them useful opt-in-bribe. You can create an ebook, a checklist, a resource guide, a free video course or give away some free tool you created, even a session with you if you’re a consultant or coach. This is one of the best ways to get email subscribers fast.

Check some of the free resources I have and they bring me, 20-30 new email subscribers with my blog, every day.

Where to place this giveaway?

Some of the best performing places are to put it at the end of your blogpost, top of your blog sidebar if you have one, a peel-out on your blog/site’s corner. Hello bars are proved to work amazingly well to pitch your resources. You may try an exiting pop-up. A lot of bloggers use entry pop-up which seems to annoy new visitors. There is no harm in trying out what works for you.

2. Post Useful, Not-so-generic Content – Consistently

All 3 are important to ensure repeat visits from your readers.

.. The content must be useful
.. It must be unique and offering something more or different than thousands of other posts on the similar subject.
.. And you must be consistent in publishing new content. Your consistency is the reason why people would subscribe to you.

Note that consistency is different from frequency. It’s more important to stick to publishing once a week than starting with daily publishing for a while and stopping it one day altogether. Look at your bandwidth and time and stick to a publishing routine so you get more new blog subscribers come looking for great posts on your blog.

3. Try Media. Go Beyond Text

Text blogposts is ever-green. But experiment with video posts, podcasts and visual sets on your blog. It will not only help you get some new insights about your audience but also breaks the monotony of your content type.

4. Focus on the Presentation

Your blog posts should be easy to read and understand but how your post appears aesthetically, matters too. Having good font size, font family, line spacing, small paragraphs, skimmable sub-headings, quick bullet points and highlights in a post makes one feel comfortable at a blog and helps people subscribe to your blog fast and willingly. Make sure the blog looks great both on desktop and smart devices.

Would you want to review your blog now? See if you are taking care of teeny tiny but terrifically important things like h1 and 2, proper spacing etc.

5. Take Advantage of Others’ Blog Following

Whether you’re a new blogger or an established one, contributing to other blogs as guest bloggers is extremely beneficial. It drive more free traffic to your blog, more visibility, credibility and popularity. Contributing once a month to a different blog is a good idea to start with and it helps you build your email list from other blogs’ traffic.

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6. Never Ignore Advertising

When you pay, it pays off.

You must promote each blogpost aggressively as much as possible and for as long as possible. Whatever time you have, spend 70% of your time in promoting your posts and 30% of time in writing and publishing them.

You can also advertise your free resources and build an email list with those who download these resources.

Other than boosting post on Facebook and Twitter, I have found ViralContentBee a good way to promote the blogposts.

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7. Never Worry About Unsubscriptions

It’s better to lose people who are not interested. It makes space for those who want to hear from you and in the long run, it is better because you’re paying for the space to the tools like Mailchimp, It also helps you clean your email list and improve the overall open and conversion rate.

8. Write Simple

In fact, practice on how simpler you can go with your writing and style. People come online to seek answers. But more importantly, they want answers really fast. A simple writing style and content written in “routine conversation language” makes them feel connected to a blog and subscribe to it.

My experience of 15 years found that posts with simpler and casual writing style received 50% more email subscribers that formal and serious writing.

9. Pester Your Friends

They are the first lot of email subscribers and critiques who can help you. They are the first set of people you can rightfully request to read. Invite them to your blog and ask them to share their killer and frank feedback. The more new visitors see engagement on your blog, the more they feel like coming back.

10. Have Influencers Talk About Your Post

Find influencers in your industry and request them to review your blog post. Thank them for their time. If they have written about the subject, make a mention on their post in your blogpost. Call out with their twitter handle when you share your post on Twitter. It gets their attention. When readers come to your blog from the influencers’ references and posts, it is 50% more likely to get new email subscribers to your list because of their credibility.

11. Never Hit Publish Without a Call-to-Action

You get only what you ask for. So, ask your readers to subscribe to you at the end of the post if they liked reading you. Unless you encourage, 90% of your readers will leave without subscribing. Have 2-3 email subscription pitches over a post.

Building an email list with a blog is easier than it appears. Just take the right steps, give your readers irresistible stuff and watch your email list growing with new subscribers every day.


Over to You

Now it’s your turn to use these email list building tactics that worked for me or even share in comments what worked for you. Would love to hear from you.

And don’t leave without looking at the free resources I have made for you. You may find something useful to improve your website.

See you soon with another post.

Infographic – How to build your blog email list

How to get more blog subscribers
Click this infographic to see the high resolution enlarged version

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9 thoughts on “11 Steps to Build an Email List of 10000 Subscribers in 6 Months”

  1. I was writing blog articles for years without including a call-to-action. That was practically throwing money out of the window! Such a waste of time… I learned a while back, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. Being able to ask people to take action in a blog post helps improve your readership and gets them involved. Once I started implementing that consistently over a period of time, I started to notice the same people started engaging with me on future blog posts – this meant I actually had followers!!! Subscribers to my blog! Of course I did other things too but I think it all started with learning the importance of the CTA.

  2. Hey Sunita! Great article! Yeah I agree with every one of those points to grow your following. I can safely say I follow most of them pretty religiously. One of the most powerful ways to improve your viewership with blogs is definitely having an influencer reference you… or post a guest feature on theirs. Both can grant you a backlink which can almost transform your blog from very little traffic to an abundance of traffic quickly! It’s definitely not easy to do, you gotta create a name for yourself first and prove you’re worth the backlink… but if you can get one – you’re good as gold!

  3. Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart… it takes being involved in a community of likeminded people who are actively looking for the kind of content you’re looking for… it also involves create a posting strategy… You gotta know what keywords to rank for, keep a consistent release schedule… pretty much run a full-time business. These are definitely some excellent points that can help warm your audience and pull them in. Your whole blogging career is based on the people who read an engage with you. These tips are excellent incentives, thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree, Sunita Biddu! Really cool advice here! A blog has to be super attractive to people. Nothing says attractive better than FREE! Everyone knows that, lol 😉 Doing a giveaway or offering a free tool, series, course or whatever in exchange for their contact info is perhaps the first way to start building a subscriber base. You need subscribers to build readership. They need to know of new content as it comes so they can come back time and time again to learn more from what you have to offer – but first step is always to give away something that will motivate them to do so!

  5. 10,000 subscribers in 6 months? Whoa, count me in! Basically, you just gotta be an honest blogger. I’ve seen so many people talk about the fast track to success and really, there isn’t a fast way. If you want it, you have to work for it. Sure, you can definitely get 10,000 subs in 6 months… heck, you can do more, really… but you need to be an honest blogger and work at it. You need to have a plan and execute it. When people think they can obtain that level of success for blogging only occasionally or not really putting in the work, they really set themselves up for failure. If people are going to blog, they need to really blog. Yep! Great stuff, Sunita! Totally agree!

  6. Email Subscribers are a Big part of total visitors of a site! To get More Email Subscribers you basically need to Post quality content (Not Xy mumbo jumbo)! Most of the visitors are lost to the bullshit that writers write in the post. They came for the point so give them the point. That’s how You get a dedicated Visitor base! Really good post!

  7. Time is one of the utmost importance to a Blogger. But Skipping out on Post quality for time is not Acceptable! Making good post is necessary to get more email subscriber! Anyway Great Post and I am Also subscribing to the Email list!

  8. This Post helped me a lot! I got my first 1000 Email subscribers in just over 3 months! and its all thanks to this post! Am definitely following other post’s in this blog!

  9. Dr jasvinder Singh

    How did you start working as blogger.who motivated you.How did you earning money as blogger.

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