How to Create a Perfect Blogger Media Kit to Attract Advertisers [Examples Inside]

how to create blog media kit

You have a blog and you want advertisers buying space from you. Perfect blog monetization!

How about making it easier for advertisers and you to close the deals without much fuss. Blog Brand Media kit does that.

A well-designed digital blogger media kit can work as one of the strongest tools to attract advertisers to your blog. Let’s dig in some more details and reasoning for a steller blog media kit.

Why Does a Blog Need a Digital Media kit?

Blogger media kits are a powerful tool that will help you present your blog more professionally, and at the same time, digital media kit serves as an ID card of your blog. That is where all your statistics, facts, topics, and numbers should go so that potential clients can get a better picture of it.

Do Only Influencers Use it?

Not necessarily. A lot of brands use it as well, they share their media kit to other influencers at events and parties to promote their business because this relationship goes both ways. Everyone in the business knows how important the kit is, so even though you just started your blogging career, it is recommended to have your influencer media kit online from day one.

The Essentials of a Perfect Basic Blogger Media Kit

Your bio. You have to introduce yourself to future clients, what’s your story, educational background, etc.
Statistics. Numbers are all in this business. They will show how large your audience is, so include data such as monthly page views, unique visitors, number of subscribers on social media, etc.
Your services. Perhaps it started as a hobby, but since you are advertising it, it is a business now. So it would be nice to list all your services and prices.
The advertising space. Be clear about the space on your blog that is meant for advertising, and don’t forget to include the price.
The terms. Do not forget to add terms and condition section where you will summarize your policies about placements and payments.

Additional Details to Make a Media Kit More Convincing for Advertisers

A media kit for blogs should always contain a list of your previous collaborations, recommendations, and campaigns. That will make you look more relevant, and show them why you are the right choice for their campaign.

Things One Should Avoid & Remember

The majority of influencers tend to make these small mistakes while creating their online media kits. Keep in mind that no one has the time to read an essay or go through pages and pages of old content. You have to find a balance. and avoid these things:

Outdated content – don’t refer to the stuff that you did more than 2-3 years ago
Blurry graphics – perfect way to turn your potential advertisers and collaborators off
Too many details – do not go over the top with details, make it look nice and sleek
Typos – give someone to proofread everything before you publish it

10 Great Media Kit Examples

Here are some well-designed and best media kit examples that can be inspiring and give you an idea of how to style your blogger media kit.

Eat Picks Media Kit Example

Geralin Thomas Media Kit Example

Benazio Media Kit Example


Philip Andrew D. Mayol Media Kit Example


Sunita Biddu Media Kit Example

award winning blog media kit for influencershow to create a great media kit for blog

Kimberly Rinaldi Media Kit Example


If you are ready to start collaborating with brands, your blog media kit should be stellar and ready to send. It should be polished but real at the same time. Don’t lie or exaggerate about some facts, because sooner or later, the brand will notice.

Got any questions? Need more media kit examples and help? Comment “help” and we will speak.


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    thanks for the Post! Can you Help Me choose a Few Good Media kits? I Have already looked through the ones that you recommended! but I am not sure and my budget is also limited! Can you recommend me a Cheap yet good Media kit? Thanks

  2. I Have a Blog and a Media kit Ready to go. Is there anything else I should be looking out for when Deploying it? Everything you mentioned is already done. How can I make it better?

  3. How does one prove their website hits/podcast listeners, etc? Say, I was an advertiser, is there a way to confirm that the number of hits the blog owner is including in their media kit is correct?

  4. Love this!! Blog media kits are so important to show potential advertisers that you are a true professional!

  5. Thanks For the Post, I was looking to acquire a media kit for my blog when I Stumbled upon this post! Really helped me a Lot! Thanks again!

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