How to Write a Bio for All Social Media Networks (With Examples)

Wondering how to write a bio on social media that stands out? Well, summarizing everything that describes you in a few sentences can be one of the most challenging tasks ever.

Your bio is the first thing a visitor sees on your profile, just like meeting someone for the first time. So why take a chance? This post will help you to describe yourself on social media with examples and best ideas.

Basics of a Best Professional Bio

It is indeed difficult to put together a string of words that convey your personality, uniqueness, professionalism and everything that makes you, YOU. Being concise, original and focused is the key to crafting the perfect first impression for potential followers, audience or customers with your social media bio.

Make sure you describe yourself by addressing these basic questions in your bio as precisely and honestly as possible:

  • What you do for a living
  • Which 3 words will you choose to describe yourself
  • What 2 things do you love the most
  • Can you boast about an achievement

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Biggest Bio Mistake

Avoid doing a One Bio To Rule Them All

Keeping one bio to describe yourself for all social networks won’t just do the trick. Your about me in social media has to be unique and exclusive in every network to make the desired impact. Depending on the nature of the social network, the audience and the environment there, varying your bio helps you stand out. I am sharing a couple of power tips to write a good social media bio and the best social media bio examples for each major social network.

Let’s do it!

How to Write a Bio for Facebook 

Right under your name on your profile, Facebook allows you a few words to describe yourself as an intro or a short bio. Learning how to write a short bio for Facebook for this space can win potential opportunities for you.

Facebook bio examples

Though Facebook profile and business page, both has detailed professional bio section, but writing this short and crisp Facebook bio right should be your first priority. The intro section has a cool option of setting the bio as temporary or permanent.


Then you have a detailed Facebook about section for serious prospects and collaborations.


Facebook best bio examples

Power tips to write Best bio for Facebook:

  • Be a little humorous and use some emojis.
  • Be simple but impactful in the about me section.
  • Keeping temporary intros make you look interesting. Just like changing moods.
  • If you have a happening life with too many updates too often, having fresh temporary bios every now and then keep your persona up to date and keeps everyone posted on the most exciting things in your career or life at any time.
  • Facebook is one of the first platforms where colleagues and friends out of work or school try to reach out to you. Tell them if you currently don’t use it much, as is the case nowadays with many people.
  • Redirect them to social media networks that you use more frequently.

Facebook Bio Templates

Template 1

[Main Skill set] + [Designation] + [@Brand name] + [What you love/passionate about]

Template 2

[What you love 1] + [What you love 2] + [Using Facebook for]

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary

You simply don’t have to be a great writer to write a decent LinkedIn summary. All you have to do is stick to the basics and write useful details/reasons your prospects are looking for.

We got a short Linkedin bio that describes you in 10-12 words. It acts like a decision-maker for those who want to connect.

best linkedin bio example


And then Linkedin has a longer summary that works like a pitch to serious buyers and prospects.

linkedin bio best practices

Power tips to write Best Linkedin Summary:

  • The ‘hook’ or the first three sentences are important in a LinkedIn summary because that’s all someone sees on your profile before they click ‘see more.’
  • It holds the same significance as a resume but don’t write it like one. Write it in first person with your own signature style. Write what you haven’t mentioned in your resume/CV.
  • Choose your words and sentences as if you are having a face-to-face with your potential recruiters, colleagues or clients. Read their minds. Answer their questions in the summary.
  • Search and include keywords relevant for your skills, job titles and qualification. Like front-end JavaScript developer, Engineering Design Consultant etc.  Your Linkedin summary is searched and found often, both on Linkedin itself and Google.
  • Research other people who fit in your job description, learn from them.
  • Tell a story bragging about your special skillsets, talents and recent achievements.
  • Add media such as some of your great blogs/articles, videos, CV, speaker’s one sheet, media kit, testimonials, awards etc.

Linkedin Summary Template Ideas

Template 1

[What is the real problem/need your industry is facing] + [How you’re helping/offering] + [Served/helped how many people?] + [The outcomes people see working with you – in bullet points] + [Signs that people ready to contact you/show problem areas] + [Your best offering] + [Your contact details ]

Template 2

[The best twist of your business life to success] + [What you’re doing now] + [What problem you solve] + [Who are the people you help] + [The outcomes they have seen] + [Your contact details] + [Anything special/project you’re working on]

Template 3

[a little one-liner power testimonial phrase from a customer] + [State similar outcomes your clients experience] + [The problem you solve & how in a short message ] + [Your contact details]


Power Tips and best Twitter Bio examples 

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, your Twitter bio should be as thought-provoking, unique and original as 160 characters allow you to be. So use 150 characters to describe yourself and use 10 to put one or hashtags.

Power tips to write a short bio for Twitter:

  • Subtlety and brevity is key here.
  • Hashtags and emojis are your friends.
  • Be candid blunt and have fun with it. Twitter is not for the shy.
  • You should enter words that represent your interests to attract people from your niche. Like, #MayTheForceBeWithYou will definitely attract fellow Star Wars fans or #GoT will call upon the Thrones fans, or what’s left of them.
  • MARKETER | BLOGGER | MOTHER OF 3 CATS is absolutely 2013. Remember to add sentences. People with originally written lines particular about them are deemed more intelligent. And intelligence is the game on Twitter.

Twitter Bio Template Ideas

Template 1

[What’s your designation/skill set] + [What you’re best at] + [What you love/passionate about] + [Any disclaimer] + #hashtags [Interest 1 + Interest 2]

Template 2

[What you think about yourself /sense of humour]+ [what you do for money]+ [What you do in free time]+ [Anything special you’re working these days?] +.#hashtags [Interest 1 + Interest 2]

For Organizations and companies

Template 1

[Industry/niche] + [Where you’re located] + [What you offer] + [Opening hours] + [Instagram handle.]

Template 2

[Who you are] + [What you do] + [What is the purpose on twitter] [Instagram/Linkedin Handle]

Power Tips and best examples for Instagram bio

Instagram gives you 150 characters to describe yourself. It is a strong, colorful platform where everyone likes to be who they are so don’t be afraid to make your bio a bit lively.

How to write a bio on Instagram:

  • Don’t forget to be stylish with custom fonts, special characters and emojis. Fun emojis show personality while directional ones draw attention. You can also use LingoJam to stylize fonts.
  • Just like Twitter, make sure you add some hashtags particular to your account or relevant to what you post.
  • Say something personal and funny using the third person.
  • A simple call-to-action in the end won’t hurt. It rather works to bring money.

Instagram Bio template Ideas

Template 1

[What you love & share 1] + [What you love & share 2] + [What you love & share 3] + Location


Why people should contact you? Or a warning or tip

Your Website/Blog url or your facebook page or linkedin profile

Template 2

[Your designation or profession] + [What makes you unique] + @Your brand name

Your offering
Your website/blog/Linkedin url


For Brands –

Template 1

[The industry/niche of company] + [What you do] + [How differently you do it] + [The outcome]

+ Put your one best offering

+ Your website/blog/Linkedin url

Template 2

[Industry/Niche] + [Doing what?] + [Add years or experience] + [Based in Location]

+ Your one best offering / people know your for

+ Your website url
+ Your email id or phone number

Finally, you must constantly remind yourself that every single one of these social networks were created for a particular purpose and audience so tailoring your bio to fit each one of them, keeping it up to date is crucial to let your followers and prospects know you better. You got to play with some of your best social media bio ideas before you choose THE ONE that describes yourself at best.

How about sharing your most active social media bio in comments? I would love to add yours in the best social media bio examples. And of course, may want to follow you and get inspired.

8 thoughts on “How to Write a Bio for All Social Media Networks (With Examples)”

  1. Hashtags in your instagram bio, how does that work? Is it used just to link other accounts to the same hashtag? I wasn’t even aware you could use a hashtag in your IG bio, lol. I guess I’ll have to play around with it.

  2. Allison Hartford

    So that’s the secret to those cool fonts on Instagram bios… LingoJam. This is awesome. This is probably a dumb question, but when I post my info on my Instagram bio, the spaces don’t work between my lines of text, they are all on one line which I do not prefer, is there a way to get around this? My IG is: @therapydaily I want the “Formerly known as…” to start on the second line, if that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance!


  3. SO glad you did a post on social media bio info! With such little space, it’s important you get it “right”!

    I’d love to share my bio with you but it’s so plain and sad at the moment, just has my name, title and website link… very bland lol. But I’m gonna do something about that!

  4. Tips for writing a LinkedIN bio were spot on! Thanks so much for that, and also for covering all social media bios, because one size certainly doesn’t fit all. The ‘hook’ is indeed very important. I always forget about LinkedIN, I have been neglecting it. I need to step up my game on there, and also on my other social media accounts.

  5. Agreed that intelligence is the game for Twitter, but do the examples you show of Twitter bios portray the usage of sentences? They don’t seem like complete sentences.

    1. Twitter is crisp. People only skim. Writing “I am a designer” and “Designer” in bio means same. You don’t have to write complete sentences when you have only 20 words to describe yourself on Twitter.

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