20+ Lesser Known Facebook Advertising Facts You Won’t Find Elsewhere

You may not find all of these insider facts about Facebook advertising anywhere. Read it or save it for later. But keep it. These are coming from our team’s practical experience of running several campaigns for many years.

Enlighten yourself so you can make an informed decision about Facebook advertising.

1. Expect inquiries, messages, engagement and calls from day 1 of starting your campaigns but it takes 2-3 months to get to the most qualified audience that converts into business.
2. Advertising works best with a funnel. Attract your prospects with a give-away, add them to your email list, run an email marketing campaign. Start the retargeting and messenger campaign over the audience that responded to the 1st campaign.
3. Facebook has 5 different kinds of campaigns. Try all if you can and see which ones work the best for your business. The campaigns work differently for each business.
4. The best campaign is messenger campaign if you just want to start out
5. The best starting test budget is $10 per day when you’re doing it yourself.
6. The businesses that receive the fastest and maximum returns are – Astrology/Parasciences, Beauty services, and products, digital marketing products and services, Jewelry/accessories, Designer wears and any product priced less than $30.
7. How to decide if to outsource or do it yourself – If you’re not a tech-savvy person, if you’re busy with other higher business priorities if you can’t dedicate 45 minutes every day, then outsourcing advertising is a money and time-saver for you. However, when you’re comfortable with playing with your mistakes, have money to experiment with advertising, have a good time in hand every day and you’re sure to do your advertising almost forever yourself, best is to learn and do it yourself. Consider taking professional coaching classes instead of following free tutorials. With a one-time investment in learning to do it yourself and doing it right will save you monthly service charges you will pay to an advertising agency.
8. The first few weeks of advertising and target audience have high chances of delivering no results or even junk inquiries and people.
9. The best time to start advertising is one month after populating your Facebook page with at least 15 useful posts. 10. Advertising delivers maximum returns with alternate day posting on your Facebook page
11. What matters the most is given in the right order of priority – 1. Target audience 2. Headline 3. Copy 4. Image/VisualYellow and Black background visuals convert the most.
12. The lesser the text, the better is the conversion. Make sure to keep only the reason people should contact as the text on visual.
13. If you have a budget of a minimum $1200 per month, feel confident to expect returns of up to $4000 comfortably from the 6th week onward. Why 6 weeks? It takes minimum this much time for your target audience to see your brand at least 6-7 times to build enough curiosity and impulsive push] Run all 5 campaigns together [Messenger, Post boost/Page likes, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Retargeting] along with alternate days posting on your Facebook page.
14. Having at least 11 reviews and a 4.5+ star rating on your page can double your advertising conversion.
15. Having a giveaway, sample or free downloadable triples the conversion and gives permanent qualified email database of actual interested prospects for as less as 1 cent per email.
16. A creative, clean and minimal FB page cover helps with more inquiries after a prospect lands to your page from advertising.
17. Image ads convert higher than video ads.
18. Lead generation campaign is possible only when you have a website.
19. Running only Facebook page likes and post-boost campaigns do not deliver any significant results.
20. Thursdays and Fridays are usually the best performing days
21. If you’re a new business, Facebook advertising can give you an ultimate advantage over competitors provided you have a simple and minimal fast loading website, a few reviews, and competitive pricing with a higher value than your competitors. If you’re a business in operations for some time, take advantage of existing customer testimonials and expect a great conversion with Facebook advertising.
22. Advertising done well can take your business to an unexpected level of revenues with Facebook.

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