36 Power Words For Winning Blogs & Online Conversations

36 Power Words For Winning Blogs & Online Conversations

How often you found yourself unstoppable reading a blog or book, and even some emails. Ever wondered how some writers can hold your attention and emotions.

You feel like it’s written for you, you found it at the right time, you just needed it and you’re a part of the game.

That’s the power of words.
Right words,
At right time and
In right amount;

They win with power words

Power words are simple, direct, needful and create a visual in readers’ mind.

Here are some power words and how they help you win

  1. You – Makes the reader feel important. Remember, your most favorite person in the world is “You”
  2. Free – Who doesn’t want to save money?
  3. Instantly – Time is money and you win by delivering instant value.
  4. New – They say or not, they love knowing and experimenting new things
  5. Suddenly – To get reader’s attention back. Works great in blogposts, stories and paragraphs.
  6. Now – Evokes sense of urgency
  7. Announcing – Simplest and best way to call for attention
  8. Introducing – Another best way to call for attention
  9. Amazing – Interestingly one overused power word but still works great in ad copies
  10. Sensational – Something that would blow one’s mind
  11. Remarkable – Makes one curious about things with a difference
  12. Revolutionary – Makes the reader interested in some offbeat idea
  13. Miracle – Power used to make readers believe in something other unbelievable
  14. Magic – Like Miracle, this power word works very well in health and money talks. Both are dear to our hearts.
  15. Offer – Free or paid, an “offer” will get your attention
  16. Quick – The sense of urgency
  17. Easy – Who doesn’t love hassle-free stuff
  18. Wanted – Evokes emotions about something in demand and you don’t want to miss one.
  19. Challenge – The adrenaline rush! Whether you take it or not, you wish to see the challenge.
  20. Compare – The logical and rational power word that convince the reader
  21. Bargain – This power word is hopeful (even if there is no bargain)
  22. Hurry – Another time intensive power word showing sense of urgency and cost of delay
  23. Extra – This power word makes even the going prospect back
  24. Money – An overused yet most irresistible power word
  25. Today – Sense of urgency and smart buyers wouldn’t trust a tomorrow
  26. How to – Sense of ease & being helped
  27. Save – Belongs to sense of getting more for less
  28. Groundbreaking – Evokes a feeling of unbelievable success
  29. Hassle-free – Easy, easy
  30. Final days to save – The right time is now


Where to try these words: Interestingly, they work everywhere. From emails, headlines, conversations to articles.

“Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.” ~ Confucius

Cause and effects words

I have found these two power words most effective in closing a short or long conversation since they make your statements sound specific, logical and objective. Simply helps in decision making

31. Because

32. For this reason

Power words of assurance

33. Guaranteed – You’re getting a tried and tested thing

34. Lifetime – You’re supported anytime

35. Moneyback – You’re safe

36. No Questions Asked – No hassles, feel free

Where to try these: Payment forms, signup forms, testimonials

Where to try these: Email subject lines, headlines, calls-to-action

Some amazing power words resources

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More “cause-and-effect” power words

Lastly, remember that power words are indeed powerful but they do not work without a context. Using them at wrong places can make the writer look funny and separate. Since you’re using power, use with caution.

How did you find this post? How about sharing your power words? Would love to see your comments.


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