Well I know.. I don’t do update alot my blogs but I keep busy myself with new projects and new ideas. Dealing with clients SEO reports, I have seen lots of people have fears about publishing press releases, and it could be because of a couple reasons:

  • High costs.
  • Fear of unknown.
  • They may not feel newsworthy

So I get blogging about it. Press releases are not just for PR professionals to do. They are great at them, but the layman shouldn’t feel inadequate in attempting them for more exposure, to brand themselves and covert their offers.

Ranking as a first step to conversions

The first in getting your offers or services converted to sales or closed deals (money in the bank?), is ranking in the search engines. Press releases are a great way to achieve that. For this to happen, your initial plan is to get noticed and picked up (syndicated) by many different high ranking websites. As this happens (and your title is properly key-worded), you can use the benefit and power of anchor text.

The reason why these are going to rank high, and quickly, is because they are regarded as high authority links coming from reliable news sources. If your distribution is done correctly, you may even be featured in Google’s official news feed, which means more traffic.

Tips for branding with press releases

There are literally a million ways to expand your brand with press releases. To do that, all you have to do is keep your brand name in people’s minds, windows, web browsers etc. Every time a new press release comes out, don’t rehash the same stuff you spoke of before, try a new angle, be creative and tackle stuff you haven’t done before.

Here are fresh ideas on how to brand, keep your brand visible, and expand your virility through various different press release approaches.

Introducing your (new) products and services

  • Launching new products or services
  • Launching a new website design or advanced functionality
  • Progressive or advantageous changes in pricing
  • Special offers
  • Different or new product applications

Regarding customers

  1. Landing big clients will often lead to confidence in undecided customers.
  2. New or extended contracts.
  3. Success stories from customers that used your products or services.
  4. Industry awards you or your customers may have achieved.
  5. Newsworthy events or topics.
  6. Write around news events and link with them.
  7. Release a report on stats or analytics within your field.
  8. Talk about a major networking event around your customers.
  9. Make predictions about your industry and cause some waves.
  10. Oppose the status quo.

Use marketing as an angle.

  1. Market an event you will be speaking at, attending etc.
  2. Perform a survey and release the findings.
  3. Publish a white paper.
  4. Do a study on a phenomenon in your industry.
  5. Run a competition of new tech.

Business or office

  • Relocating offices or expansion.
  • Certifications or awards you may have received.
  • Associations in the industry you may have joined.

Community activities

  1. Sponsorship of community efforts or activities.
  2. Public announcements of sponsoring events.
  3. Support of fundraising days.
  4. Staff that may be involved in something charitable worthy of a mention.
  5. Now that you’ve branded your business or made your brand visible through a press release to the media, you need to look at the next step in the process to good conversions within your press release marketing.

The call to action

Conversions could be anything. Whatever your purpose was with the press release, achieving that goal is a conversion. Every press release is designed to get people aware of your brand, into a mailing list or a sales funnel, so make your press release count through a careful call to action.

In your press release, include a sentence that asks the reader to do something. Don’t leave it open ended. Remember the release has a purpose and you need to get your reader to your site or your offer. Use sentences like “for a free report on kitchen islands for the rich and famous visit “http://www.yoursite.com”.”

This is the only way to really ensure you have done the best with your press release, to convert them to action within your article.

How to superpower your press releases for maximized conversion rates

Use Logos

– A brand image within the press release makes your brand instantly recognizable, and if not immediately, it will help people recognize it almost immediately the next time. A brand image or logo also adds credibility to your brand which in turn helps increase your conversions.

Products images

  • Adding images of what the press release is about adds significant substance to the press release. It makes people see that what you’re talking about actually exists or happened. This, in turn, adds credibility to your brand. Of course, it also adds a professional edge to your press releases.
  • Videos is just the way to go. I don’t understand how people still do sales pitches and copywriting without adding video. It’s the way forward, and I’ll tell you, as a press release is much of the same, a video could help you convert with your press release.

Here are elements of the modern press release I think is necessary for you to market your brand successfully and increase your conversions.

  • An attention grabbing headline.
  • Social sharing tools – at the top and the bottom.
  • Anchor text link
  • Eye-grabbing image
  • Seo optimized links
  • Embedded video
  • Product images on different places of your page.
  • Full screenshot of your website.

Well, I think you have sufficient information and action points on the factors in writing and designing your press release that could greatly influence and increase both brand awareness as well as the conversions of your offers.