Outsourcing SEO Guide – Part I

Outsourcing SEO Guide – Part I

The job of getting your brand stand out is 25% done when you get a professional design for your website. But reaching potential audience demands a lot more effort we call search engine optimization and marketing. There are two ways now:

PPC – Easy, quick, temporary & costly
SEO – Difficult, time consuming, long lasting & affordable

PPC is something transient that gives you fruit as long as you keep investing. SEO is something that lasts longer, gives you free traffic but demands patience and professional help.

Here we come at the main point now – Professional SEO help

No matter where you’re living, which business you’re into, if you want to establish your online business empire, you can have flocks of SEO companies and providers in your city. But not everyone can give you the desired traffic and at best of your budgets.

That’s where you’d think of outsorcing SEO. The job becomes tougher when you’re clueless about selecting the right and most reliable SEO company who can win not only your trust and deal but the top rankings as well.

Just few handy quick tips on what to check when outsourcing SEO:

  1. The company does the right keyword research. It’s of no use if your website rank #1 for a keyword people don’t search at all, or that doesn’t have enough potential for your business. Note that lesser the competition, easier to achieve rankings in most cases. Don’t be ultra happy if a company shows you sitting your site on top for a keyword and you’re clueless on no business? Go for the company that gives you the right keyword list for your business.
  2. The company representative answers all your doubts. Whether you’re an expert in industry or SEO, or you’re am absolute newbie, if the company responds to all your doubts and those make sense to you, you can have them in your good list.
  3. The company doesn’t commit #1 in few weeks. Well, that’s an overconfident impossible commitment you may fall prey to. Stay away from such SEO providers who lead you to such appealing commitments. It’d take a professional SEO couple of months to have your brand known, get your site some authority to beat the competitors who’re already sitting on page 1. Go for professional SEOers, not magicians.
  4. The company is happy to share references. Most professional SEO companies are hesitant to share their past projects, results and success stories because of possible non-disclosure agreements. But a genuine company would be happy to send the references so you can talk to the clients directly.

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There would be NO professional company that can held itself accountable for your website rankings or traffic flow. The reason is – All search engines and their algos specially for Google are uncertain. But a reliable SEO agency would be confident in its whitehat methodologies, ethical link building methods and would have no issues sharing the work report they do for you. Get hooked with a provider or company that is transparent in its working.

Hope the tips would help you make an informed decision. This is all for today. I will share my thoughts on when to outsource SEO in my next post.

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  1. Well done. This idea of SEO in Practice is great because it teaches us, the ordinary people (newbies) to learn an master SEo the easy way.

    Keep the good things up !

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