3 Backlinks SEO Questions You Wanted To Ask

3 Backlinks SEO Questions You Wanted To Ask

Without any doubt, backlinks top the rankings factor no matter what other marketing strategies such as social media, we are using. In fact, social media platforms and the fans link back to your money page only and we labeled it as a “social signal”.

Now when we realize we need backlinks, here are my answers to four difficult backlink questions. I hope that you find them useful and illuminating.

1. Search engines value backlinks from related and relevant industries. Why would someone link back to a probable competitor?

Competitors link back to each other because it shows a positive attitude towards other suppliers within their own industry. This is well received by consumers who quite often buy from more than one supplier and value an honest evaluation. Ultimately, they are the decision makers. It is also helpful for SEO because the links are more relevant in Google’s eyes when industry peers back link to you.

Moral: Be irresistible and great enough at what you do to make your competitors link back and appreciate!

2. Does ease of links mean low quality?

Good backlinks often relate to how well you know the owner of  an authority site (or the other way round), in what context the backlink is going to your site, where and when it’s placed and whether you have a pre-existing relationship. In that case, a link can come very quickly. In other instances, an easy to obtain link may mean no editorial check leading to a low quality spam link force.

Moral: Do worthy stuff in the industry and get mentioned by authorities, easily.

3. What’s the best way a backlink should be placed on a site?

Avoid sidebar or site-wide links. They are the most obviously looking paid links even if your intentions are good.  A good link is a relevant link within the content that relates to the previous content or content that follows it. The contextual backlinks, anchors and mentions are the best.

Moral: A backlink anywhere on the site is good as long as it’s in context.

I will update this post often to add more questions about backlinks. Please shoot with your questions, suggestions and more ideas in comments. And I will make sure they are attended quick.

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