5 SEO Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Know

So, you have a website or you may plan one in near future.

You hear a lot about this SEO thing. But how sure you are that your business or the website really need SEO. Or how do you know you have chosen the right team when SEO isn’t something that would show up instant returns.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I find many heads nodding and thinking twice about their decisions. Let’s begin with some quick SEO questions and answers that every business owners must know…for now.

1. Does your business really need SEO & if yes, what level?

Visibility is the key to more business and search engines are the first resort for people to find anything they want.

If you’re in a business which serves an everyday need of the consumers or something people buy more often than others; probably yes, you need SEO done at an extensive level. Such as food, doctors, travel, fashion, consultants.

However, industries like manufacturing, logistics; you don’t need an aggressive SEO approach which even may not cost much but need a special strategic level SEO. Whichever way you go, starting with Local SEO gives you a great idea what kind of returns you expect in future.

Interestingly, areas that involve a lot of regular content publishing may not even have an immediate SEO need. A well planned social media strategy itself can work a lot.

2. Is it must to have a mobile friendly website?

If you are planning to get a website for your business, then make sure your website is responsive as well as SEO friendly at first place, without any second thought.

Insider fact; search engines especially favor responsive sites because users love it. It’s just instant and easier for the users on their smart devices. And it’s all about a happy user experience. Go responsive.

3. Who is the right team?

Service providers who would talk about top rankings, they are…. well.. NOT the right people.

The right team will begin with your website analysis, spot your site’s strength and point the weaker areas with good recommendations. They would talk about real website traffic and sales first, not just rankings. They would talk about strategies and performance, NOT fixed recurring packages carrying directory submissions every month.

A good SEO team and company will ask your budget idea and suggest the best possible solutions within that budget. or would recommend other alternatives.

4. How to ensure they do it right to bring revenues, not penalties?

It’s really tricky to ensure the job is done right. Sometimes what’s committed doesn’t show up.

As a business owner, learn Google analytics and the basics of SEO, only enough that you should know as a business owner to monitor your teams, be it inhouse or outsourced.

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5. How long it may take to see the results?

It totally depends upon your industry, competition, budget, your website and the team’s caliber. But on an average, keep patience for at least 4 months to see something pleasant to happen after you begin.

Additionally, some quick notes

  • SEO isn’t a one man job. It’s a team work and hiring only one executive wouldn’t help.
  • Being visible on search engines like Google is good but depending on them for traffic isn’t a great idea. Opt multiple sources of traffic.
  • It’s good to outsource if you’re a small business with only one business brochure website. It’d be cost effective to have a team of 3 executives, however, if own either multiple websites or dealing in a large scale online business. 

So, these were my thoughts. What other questions you generally have as a business owner? Will be glad to have your feedback. Feel free to leave your thoughts into comments.

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