Website Audit

Regular site audit lets your website perform better all the time. And an SEO site audit helps a website score high during all search engine updates.

What is Site Audit & Why I should Care?

A standard SEO audit gives you an in-depth review of your website’s weaker as well as stronger areas. This SEO audit detects the technical and strategic issues of your website and SEO campaign. Once I identify all the issues, I send potential insights and recommendations/suggestions to fix and improve the website performance and link popularity.

When to get an Audit

  • You want to maximize your website performance
  • You experienced drops in rankings and traffic after recent updates
  • You are not getting expected results from best of your campaigns and budget investment

What to expect from site audit – The Checklist

Every business comes with a different model, competition and website size. We spot the weak areas to fix and identify stronger areas to improve and maximize your website potential. You can expect the following SEO audit checklist

  • Your targeted keywords and phrases potential – To make sure you’re focusing the right keywords and not missing any potential terms.
  • Website Content Analysis – To make sure your content is optimized, original and relevant to users as well as search engines.
  • Website indexing and crawl rate – To make sure that your website is SEO friendly and being cached frequently.
  • Website Architecture – To ensure that your website offers easy navigation to end users and easy crawling for spiders.
  • Sitemap, htaccess & robots files – To make sure that search engines are crawling only the right pages and areas of your website.
  • Link popularity – To check and confirm if you’re connecting to only good neighborhood.
  • Social Media analysis – To check and confirm your business social media visibility, social signals and brand reputation.
  • Places and local listings – To check if you are utilizing every feature that search engines and local SEO offers to your industry.
  • Analytics and webmaster tools – Would help to keep a good track of your website performance and updated of loopholes if any.

How long the Audit Reporting takes

Depending upon the industry competition, website size and many other important factors, each website may take 7-15 days for SEO auditing. Each website needs special attention to come up with a valuable audit that can offer you great value for your money and time.

How much it will cost

The audit varies from sites to industries. It may cost $500 to $2500 depending upon the type of business, competition, goals and marketing activities used.

The site SEO audit comes in the form of a detailed yet easy to understand report with a clear idea of all issues and recommendations. This is followed by a 1 hour phone consultation after you have reviewed the report. I will call you up at your convenience to address the concerns and questions you might have.

Audit Fee: 90k

Turnaround Time: 10 Business


Client's Review

Sunita is sharp at doing Audits. The way she looks into the minute details, no flaw can escape her eyes and experience. We are able to create great website redesigns for our clients because of her Audit help. I would love to give credit to our growth in the last 2 years since we have got her as a strategist in our team. If your website isn’t getting enough traffic or not sending sales, Sunita is certainly a Go-To professional.
Nimesh Dinubhai
Founder of

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