6 Essentials of Successful Coaching & Consultant’s Websites That Get Clients

6 Essentials of Successful Coaching & Consultant’s Websites That Get Clients

Next to establishing yourself as a consultant, advisor or a coach, comes how to reach the larger audience and make a difference in your and others’ lives, and of course, how to convert your offering and gift of coaching into money.

Getting a professional coaching website for your business is the answer to this question of reaching your prospects. Whether you’re a qualified health coach, life coach, social media coach, SEO expert or a financial planner; your business website is one place where your audience will get to know all about you, how you can help them, how you’re different from others, and even your story – without any obligation to do business with you.

Best coaching websites are simple and powerful enough to make their prospective clients instantly feel that they have reached the right place.

Business comes later. First, let the impact happen with your website.

We will talk about six factors that contribute to making of the best coaching websites for coaches and consultants of all industries – a website that converts visitors into prospects and brings leads.

Yes, such money making websites for coaches are built differently.

The goals of a great coaching and consulting website are;
.. Leave a lasting and strong impression on your prospective clients from the moment they land on your site.
.. Reflect originality, authenticity and world-class authority with impressive media and visuals
.. Keep a soothing stay and navigation with minimal design
.. Make it work with a clear call to action throughout the website pages
.. Ensure that it is optimized well to get found in search engines

So here are the most important elements one must have a professional coaching website that works;

1. Your Bio/About Page

A compelling page “About YOU” for a coaching website is more important than you think. This is where you tell your prospective clients what you do and how. Most importantly, how you make a difference that others’ can’t.

80% of my business leads and speaking invitations come from my bio page contact form.

Create a structure considering what all your audience would like to know to choose you. You can include your story, your professional achievements, your goals and even your clients’ success stories. A sneak peek into your personal life with pictures will add life to your about page.

Personalize your about page by sharing images of workshops or seminars you may have delivered or attended. Understand that people always love to see things in action. Give them what they need.

A bio page in a coaching website can be as rich as possible. Just keep it short and sweet with no more than 2 minutes read.

Close it with an invitation to connect on social media networks where you can engage with prospective clients and let them see you over time.

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Question: I am a new entrant in the coaching and consulting industry. How can I make my bio look impressive and authentic?

When writing a blog bio, nothing is more authentic & impressive than honesty. Share your vision, goals and current projects you’re working upon. They might be ad-hoc or pro Bono. 

2. Rich Page of Reviews & Testimonials

What’s more convincing than reviews coming from people who have used your services.

Use these great testimonials as proof of your success stories and happy business relationships on your coaching website. No matter what profession you’re in, reviews and testimonials will not only just complement your professional expertise but also reflect your art of maintaining great professional relationships.

Having over 50+ testimonials and reviews on my testimonials page on my website improves my conversion rate and answers a lot of doubts my prospects may have.

Let your new visitors and prospects see how you make your business partnerships profitable, fun, engaging and thrilling at the same time.

They are more likely to take you as an authority when they read others praising the way you make things simple. So, give them what they want to read to feel safe, secure, and confident about your service – give them an enticing page of testimonials.

Love the way Freeagent has displayed their reviews and testimonials. You can also have a look at my testimonials page.

freeagent testimomials page

3. Introduction Video

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