More Exposure. More branding. More inquiries. All for FREE. How does that sound?

We all use social media networks like facebook, linkedin & twitter etc. to market & brand ourselves. How many of us know that there are other great ways that can be an additional boost to our personal branding & marketing activities yet a subtle way.

Personal landing pages (also known as nameplate sites) can add an appeal factor to our online presence. Here are 6 best personal landing pages websites you can use to create impressive profiles within less than 1 hour today.

The most popular nameplate portal with maximum free traffic & response one can receive for a personal brand with minimal promotion efforts. And the dashboard clearly shows who visited your profile.

USP: The biggest & logical asset is the name itself that makes people click to know more about you. You can customize your page appearance and make it look as sexy as you want.
Signup: FREE
Best for: Everybody who is starting a personal web presence

My personal profile at justifies with its brand name for allowing beautiful layouts, easy to use & drag-and-drop features. Quick & Simple & FREE to start.

USP: Easy & quick with SEO friendly features
Signup: Free & Paid
Best for: Professionals & Entrepreneurs

My personal landing page at Flavors


Another web based personal landing pages service that gives an impressive alternative for online resume for professionals. The way, it automatically creates a profile from your linkedin account summary, credentials, current positions, you will be amazed. I wouldn’t be surprised if I call it one of the revolutionary personal landing pages services.

USP: Landing page with absolutely NO effort. Auto data call from your linkedin account (Provided you have an impressive linkedin profile).
Signup: Free
Best for: Job seekers, professionals & entrepreneurs

My personal landing page at Re.Vu


A creative online portfolio app with bearly 500,000 portfolios & over 7 million images to get inspired from. I personally didn’t like for myself because of a nude page with no text. For photographers and designers, it’s charming.

USP: You can add projects fun way
Signup: Free / Paid to add videos
Best for: Photographers, Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Interior Professionals

My personal landing page at Carbonmade

BrandYourself is an impressive do-it-yourself SEO platform that would allow you boost your chance of being found in search engines with a cool looking landing pages & control reputation management as well.

Great tool for job seekers who want to control their reputation online. They can push results down:

* Inappropriate pictures
* Posts about you that are not appropriate for your seniors at workplace
* Updates not impressive for a job interview.

USP: Ultimate SEO features to envy Google, High traffic, push down negative results on search engines
Signup: FREE / Paid options available to use more features
Best for: Online marketers & entrepreneurs for personal branding

My personal profile at BrandYourself

Weebly is becoming favorite to wannapreneurs for the easy interface it gives and the flexibility to create a site on weebly domain. I used it to create my personal page which eventually helped me with more  visibility and traffic.

USP: Several themes and styles to choose from. Easy to use dashboard
Signup – FREE
Best for: Aspiring entrepreneurs, Startups on Limited budget, Graphic designers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers & Artists

My personal landing page at Weebly

Yola is an old and less popular but good platform quite similar to Weebly. It seems to have been created for blogging but I found it more appropriate for personal page. I found a good room for search engine optimization improvements and user-friendliness for Yola but you can always enjoy an extra site in your profile list.

USP: Several themes and styles to choose from. Easy to use dashboard
Signup – FREE
Best for: Aspiring entrepreneurs, Startups on Limited budget, Graphic designers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers & Artists

My personal landing page at Yola


Better & lesser known for “Globally Recognised Avatar”, it’s a highly profitable (in context to traffic & personal branding) & free way to interact with all Gravatar supported blogs, sites & forums. It’s focused to more of interactions though, but it also gives you a simple but impressive personal landing page, a good enough reason to make me add it to the list.

If you’re a blogger, you must create your Gravatar today if not done yet.

Some more sites where you can create personal landing pages:

  • Google Sites
  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Blogspot

Here are some FAQs most of you may have.

Can we use same content on these landing pages.

I’ll be clever here. Because they are not your websites so you shouldn’t mind using same content on all landing pages. If you have time and more concerned about rankings of these pages in search engines, you may want to do slight tweaks so it makes 50% of the text unique.

Why don’t we create profile on just one site & promote it?

Why do you need to promote it when these sites are already working to boost these pages. It’s good to dominate the first few pages of search engines with your name & brand using as many unique sites as possible. It helps you control & manage your personal and brand reputation.

Enjoy adding life & spice to your personal profiles with these nameplate sites and whichever you choose, each and all will boost your reputation online.

Share your feedback if the post helped you. Add more to the list if you have some great nameplate sites to share.

Whichever service you choose, all of them will have you up and running with a sharp-looking professional nameplate in minutes that you can link to anyone who needs to find you on the web.

Which one you loved the most? And if you want any help creating these landing pages, feel free to ask me 🙂