1 Day Digital Masterclass for Entrepreneurs in Gurgaon

1 Day Digital Masterclass for Entrepreneurs in Gurgaon

Get ready. Get ready. Get ready to attend this super fun and learning day for you all entrepreneurs.

You’re an entrepreneur and you are NOT supposed to do everything yourself. Successful entrepreneurs watch things getting done. They know the art of delegation. You only need to know enough to get things done well. Online marketing is one such thing you wished you knew all about.

This digital masterclass is for every new and veteran entrepreneur. Equip yourself with just enough and yet every information so that you can hire smart teams, get work done to best results, monitor your business spending only 30 minutes a month and see your business taking new heights.

You’d learn the fun and playful way all about:

  • How successful websites are made (and yours will be one)
  • What that SEO thing is (and the easiest way)
  • What is that big deal with Social Media (and yes, all the social networks)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing/Blogging
  • Paid advertising
  • Lesser Known Marketing Tactics
  • How to Hire Right People
  • Deciding Timeframe & Budget for Your Business Marketing
  • Zero Budget Marketing Methods
  • and more…

Warning: You’ll be on a roller coaster learning ride for a day – Thrilling, fun, overwhelming & one of its own kind.

Who should attend?

  • Established entrepreneurs and business owners looking to scale up and expand with online marketing
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Startups & aspiring future entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Heads

Who should not attend?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to all the marketing themselves
  • Job seekers in the online marketing field

Venue – Gurgaon
Date – September 29th, 2018
Time – 9:30am to 6:30pm
Registration fee – Rs. 8500 (inclusive taxes)

First 10 registrations have got some mind-blowing surprise gifts.

You’ll be informed if you’re among first 10. Get registered now.



*Group of 5 or more gets 10% discount. Send a message at hello@sunitabiddu.com

Frequently Asked Questions by Business Owners

I don’t know anything about marketing? Will I still be able to understand?

Yes, you will not only understand but enjoying learning about marketing and how it will take your revenue to the next level.

I want to market my business myself. Will this masterclass help me do my marketing?

No, this is not a suitable class for those who want to do marketing themselves.  When you want to do everything yourself, you will require a deeper knowledge and a longer practice under the supervision a good coach or industry. This class is best for those who want to save their time, make more revenues and expand their business hiring the right people. They eventually save more money and time instead of doing it all themselves.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Not required. But if you wish, bring it along.

Can I ask my questions and doubts after the masterclass too?

Of course, you can. Email your questions anytime whenever you want or have a doubt.

Will I really learn everything about digital and marketing in one day? It is too good to be true.

Yes, it’s true and it is good too. You will learn everything and enough as an entrepreneur so that you can understand what vendors talk and take right decisions.

Sounds powerful? I can’t wait to see you on 29th 🙂

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  1. Hello Sunita
    Felt great after reading some of your blogs on Digital Marketing. Could you please help me out how to perform great in digital marketing and bringing my website to the top? Please reply.

    1. I only noticed your comment today, Shweta. Too bad for me. Let me get back to you this week. Could you please share your website url with me for reference?

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